Monday, November 28, 2005

Sam's Mum Dropped By

And she left a comment, on the post just below this one.
Just thought I'd brag.
We're back from traveling. Will talk about that later.
I missed you all very much.


sam's mum said...

I feel honoured to get a special mention thank you. You are now in my bookmark bar so I guess it will be a daily visit from now on. You would not want to be travelling in England. Its very cold and lots of places have snow and people were stuck in their cars over the weekend in Cornwall.

Sam said...

what is the world coming too?
mum didn't even leave a comment on my blog for a few days and I've been trying to cook the most beautiful pies to make her proud of me.

(secretly, I am very proud of her, though, for becoming a cookiecrumb commenter and desrving her own post because of it)

cookiecrumb said...

Well, Sam, I've got a post for your blog coming up (and yes, I'm still working on my dad to pay you a visit). I bought a disk of cajeta, which is Mexican dulce de leche made from cows' and goats' milk, in Escondido. Gotta think of something to do with it.
PS: My mom has never commented on my blog. My dad? Hah.

Sam said...

cookiecrumb - do you know what banoffee pie is? the toffe apple tart is good but banoffee pie is even better. It's cold though. but totally scrummy. you have to go to mollie stones to get a packet of digestives and a cadburys flake to make it but it is so easy.

Sam said...

CC - your mum visited my blog! woopppeee!!

cookiecrumb said...

This is so cool. Blogger Moms Unite!

PS: Yes, it was the banoffee that spurred my thinking on the cajeta. Mm.