Friday, November 25, 2005

Baby's Rosemary

Edible things grow so well in Southern California that the hedge outside my parents' front door is a square-trimmed rosemary bush. Just bump into that thing and you smell fragrant all day.
At the moment, Bean Sprout smells pretty fragrant. This hedge is just his height.
He managed to find the one lone rosemary blossom still hanging onto the branches this late in the season, and put it on top of his head. All by himself, smart doggie.
Rosemary blossoms, if you can find them, make a fantastic addition to food, lending just a whisper of redolence without hammering you in the face with beaucoup de too-too. Sprinkle a handful of rosemary blossoms on a salad made with shredded raw celery root that has been tossed with stellar olive oil and a little champagne vinegar. Don't forget the fleur de sel. I like to pile this salad atop a mound of gently cooked beluga lentils, also tossed with a smidge of oil and minced chives.


ilva said...

Lovely pic as usual, I hope you pay your model abundantly for all the work he has to do!

lisaSD said...

Hey Cookiecrumb! What's the big idea...bringing NorCal cloudiness and sprinkles down here with you??!!! ;-)

Jamie said...

Clever Beansprout!

Our rosemary seems happy, but has never flowered (yet). What's up with that, I wonder?

Jane said...

I will have to try that, thanks.

sam's mum said...

Hi, Sam seems to think I never look at any other blog. How wrong she is; I may not comment but that doesn't mean I dont enjoy. However this is just such a pretty photo, I couldn't resist a comment; is he a poser!!. Sam will tell you we had a lovely collie/labrador cross Tamsie who always when knew when the camera was pointing her way.

Sam said...

Cookie Crumb. I CANT believe it. My mum posted a comment on your blog. I know it really is my mum cos who else would know what our dog was called? She didn't tell me she'd done it - she just went ahead and did it.
Ok - I have to go and tell Jen now.

cookiecrumb said...

Hello, Sam's Mum! So pleased to have you drop by and leave a comment.
I wish Bean Sprout were as good a poser as Tamsie must have been. He's darling when he looks into the camera, but mostly he's distracted by things like butterflies and birds. (He just had his second birthday yesterday.)
Ha, ha, Sam! OK, I will get my dad to pay you a visit.

Jen's Mom said...

You can all run but you can't hide! Mothers are everywhere. Those of us who gave birth to Bloggers are especially constant.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (gratitude is for everyday, not just one)

Thank you, Bloggers, for sharing your artistic expression.

Jen's Mom

KathyF said...

My dog occasionally posts comments, but not my mom.

She especially likes cat blogging.

cookiecrumb said...

Wait a minute -- I missed this comment from Jen's Mom!
Hi Jen's Mom!!! Thanks for the visit.
Man, this is great.

mg said...

I couldn't help but chuckle... beansprouts such a good dog - i don't know if he does it deliberately but he seems to always be on the right place at the right time always..! you just have to be with a camera with you at all times to capture him. Absolutely beautiful!

cookiecrumb said...

Mae: You found it! (Bean Sprout found it too!)