Friday, October 21, 2005

Hot Diggity Blog

We've got roofers on the premises. I'm not going to bore you with stories of how we battled leaks in the ceiling above the furnace, the top of my closet, the skylight over the foyer... At least our homeowners association is on the job this month.
Here's hoping they do the job right.
But it's been a great excuse to escape the place. Picnics. Viniferous lunches at the local cafe. Especially the occasional veg-fest after the workmen have left for the day.
Hence: Bean Sprout and the Deep South Greens and Rice Friday Dog Blogging.


Sue said...

My whole house needs is cracked, walls are cracking, tile too...I have been dreading the repair but if I get to eat out all the time maybe it won't be so bad.

cookiecrumb said...

Sue: That is so scary. We just dumped a house, in a fashionable part of Marin County, that needed *everything* fixed. It was a lovely place, and legitimately livable... But to bring it up to speed for the expectations of the ($$$) neighbors... (no dishwasher, crappy bathrooms)... arrgh. Abandon ship!
Eh. So, we made a gazillion dollars. EEE!
Good luck, and good picnicking! It's doable. Baby steps.