Thursday, October 20, 2005

But Enough About Me

A Little Ditty About Jack and Joanne
When I first received a personal e-mail from Jack of Fork & Bottle late last month, I was really flattered.
I'd seen the Web site and found it cheerful, smart, packed with information and good links, and utterly professional.
And this guy was sending me a note?
A little later on, Jack asked me if I'd put a link to his site on my blog. Me? But I'm just a pipsqueak... Oh, hell, sure!
Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that not only are Jack and his wife, Joanne, not playaz on the payroll in the food biz, but they've only been running Fork & Bottle for four months.
This Santa Rosa couple has simply got what it takes: A keen interest in food and wine, with a special emphasis on cheese; experience in the publishing world; wide-ranging familiarity with resources — shopping, educational, foodio-political (I made up that word); some gardening chops; and best of all, a strong desire to get the word(s) out.
Fork & Bottle is not a blog. Posts are not dated, and there's no comments capability (though you're welcome to e-mail either J or J).
Jack says he prefers to think of it as a portal into the world of food and wine. The site runs to over 200 pages — I'm tellin' ya, there's a lot of stuff, from cookbook reviews to food events to shopping recommendations and more. Want a quick place to look up links for sustainable seafood or Slow Food happenings? Need some wine advice? Interested in new books with a message?
Go poke around.
The fact that F&B's title banner looks suspiciously similar to mine is totally a coincidence! No money has changed hands.
Glad to be of service.

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Sam said...

that's an amazing looking site
thanks for sharing
(are you sure J& J arent the CC&C [cookie crumb and cranky] alter egos? the similarity between logos is uncanny)

i have to work hard now, but look forward to returning and reading more of it