Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Amuse Bouche

Now, this is just really appetizing: Tom DeLay is indicted for conspiracy to violate Texas campaign laws. He's "temporarily" stepping down from his post as House Majority Leader (which probably means he'll be given a medal — heck of a job, Tommy — and get a fat consulting position). Look at that guilty, evil mug.
Meanwhile, Mike Brown was seen and heard flashing devil snarls at the House committee investigating the disastrous FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina victims. What a despicable guy.
And Bill Frist is twisting in the wind, having drawn an investigation by the SEC over the possibility of insider trading — did you see how pinched and phony he sounded as he read a prepared statement defending himself? Reviewing the video, I'd say my diagnosis is "dead meat."
Very amusing, indeed.
Enough to make me... not mad!


mrs d said...


(sorry... I couldn't resist. :-P)

In other news, I had a doctor's apt this morning and I heard about the Delay indictment while pulling into the Med Center parking lot. I'm certain that explains why my blood pressure was so nice and low!

cookiecrumb said...

So yeah. Nice low blood pressure. Or, as Atrios said about the indictment: "There's no way God likes me this much."

Jamie said...

Yesterday was a good day for me to watch the news without frothing at the mouth. Usually it makes me so tense and angry I have to turn it off. :-)

Linda said...

Wondering if you are still following your blog...but if you are: There were many joyous people here in Austin, TX when the DeLay indictment came down. Unfortunate that he's managed to finagle his way around, over, and under so much.
Talk about blood pressure.
First time I've visited your sight.
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