Monday, August 15, 2005

We'll Be Back After This Announcement

I didn't fall off the wagon yesterday, I was pushed -- face-first and mouth wide open.
It was the First (Annual?) Bay Area Food Bloggers Picnic at Meathenge Labs. Sam at Becks & Posh has done such a good job writing about it (with super pictures), I'm only going to make a few brief mentions.
Thanks to the organizers: Sam, Dr. Biggles from Meathenge, Jen from Life Begins at 30, and Fatemeh from Gastronomie. You should team up and start a catering business. Every detail was perfect.
Biggles really knows his way around a smoker; each morsel touched by his magic was moist and tasty -- and he was at it all day. I have so much smoke in my hair, my whole house reeks, and I live 15 miles away from Meathenge Labs.
It was a total pleasure to meet the faces behind the names (and I'm sorry I didn't meet you all).
Arriving a little late to the event, I apparently missed the Absinthe pouring, and never got to see Sam's beautiful tomatoes.
But I just flipped for the BunRabs' chocolate macarons, and I can't stop thinking about Haddock's andouille boa constrictor sausage (go see Fatemeh's picture). --My god, I'm going to have to add you all to my blogroll.
Today, to cleanse my system, I think I'm going to harvest all the lettuce from the patio (it began to lose color under the skylight in the bathroom so I moved it outdoors, where it's not exactly thriving; my solution is to EAT it).


drbiggles said...

I'm going to have an andouille sandwich to cleanse my system. It works really well.

drbiggles said...
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cookiecrumb said...

Dude! Yer clean. Every day.