Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Month of Meats

Lots of funny consequences have arisen as a result of my sticking to a very local diet for August. One of them is that meat has been making more frequent appearances in my kitchen than usual.
I usually only eat meat about once a week or less, but because Marin Sun Farms grass-fed beef is raised by a dedicated local, sustainable-minded gang of people -- and because it tastes superior (and I didn't think I liked the flavor of beef that wasn't finished in a feeding lot, eating corn for the last few weeks of its life -- I was wrong), I've had four meat meals in two weeks.
And today we bought more: some MSF lamb for stew, some beef marrow bones for complete indulgence, and a pack each of chili jerky and pepperoni sticks. (Oh, and last Thursday we grabbed a package of MSF beef hot dogs, of all things!)
I'm certainly not pigging out on meat. Those four meat meals for the two of us (eight dishes in all) came from one single pound of ground beef. The lamb stew will be stretched with white beans. The jerky will probably be devoured as soon as I'm done with this post (oops, heh).
Here's what you need to know: MSF opened a butcher shop and cafe last month. The menu features sandwiches, meat, fish, eggs, sausage, and really local vegetables. The cuts of meat in the butcher case sell at a 10% discount from their regular farmers' market prices. The store also sells incomparable MSF eggs, Peter Worsley's really good garlic, Straus butter and yogurt from nearby Marshall, and some pretty fruit preserves that, alas, are made with sugar.
And if you go on a Saturday, you can tootle up the road apiece and visit the Point Reyes Station farmers' market at Toby's Feed Barn. Nice excuse for a lovely day trip.


Greg said...

A really cool place. Are they busy on your visits?

cookiecrumb said...

I think the butcher department will keep them afloat, though there were only a couple of diners at noon on Saturday, which is too bad.
I would have had a sandwich, but I'm avoiding unknown breads for a little while longer.
Lots of cow parts were sold at the counter, though.