Friday, August 12, 2005

Berry, Berry Good to Me

Just a quickie, then I'm off to contemplate a cioppino for dinner.
Here's lunch: On the right, strawberries from Sartori Farm in Tomales (I forget the variety, but I think they call them Russellberries after the owner, Russ Sartori). And on the left, strawberries from Orchard Farms in Sebastopol. I forget the variety of these, too -- something like Sierra -- but the cool thing is, the farm is named after its owner, Ken Orchard! (With a name like that, you thought he was going to veterinary school?)
We dragged each individual berry through a soothing spa treatment of either Cowgirl Creamery creme fraiche (on the right) or Belfiore ricotta -- they're in Berkeley -- (on the left, dummy!).
We could definitely taste the difference between the two berries: Sartori's were sweetest; Orchard's had thrilling complexity. It was a tie, preference-wise.
Utterly simple, utterly satisfying. Who needs more?


drbiggles said...

Uh, I need more. Berries an cream are good and all. But I would need at least a blt or maybe a roast chicken. MmmM, roast chicken.


cookiecrumb said...

Well, see, that's why you have gout!
Think I'm gonna roast a chicken pretty soon, though.
Oh! Gotta tell you: We're going to the new Marin Sun Farms butcher shop and cafe tomorrow, and they're going to sell us beef marrow bones! yarrghh! (Rub on face, rub *in* face...)

drbiggles said...

Beef Marrow Bone Bath !!!!

Romans were neat that way.