Friday, June 03, 2005

Grow Your Own

Posted by: horsecow
Grow Your Own
The job report for May was dismal. But! On the other hand, unemployment is down, so something must be going right -- right?
Nah. It's just because I've used up all my unemployment benefits, like so many other people I know whose jobs were, um, "disappeared," my beloved co-cook and husband included. We're simply not on the rolls of the unemployed anymore, so the numbers magically have gone down.
Lucky us, though. We decided to call this "retirement," and to spend way too much time puttering in the garden.
The tomatoes are looking good, but are still green, so we're still buying red cherry tomatoes at the market. However, our first harvest of the spring made it to the table today (and it will make many more appearances).
Feast your eyes on home-grown microgreens. These are ordinary red radish sprouts, probably less than a week old. Beloved co-cook and husband crafted this salad in about five minutes, and right after lunch he went out on the patio and planted more radish seeds for next week's salad.
The seeds were ten cents a packet, and each packet should grow hundreds of sprouts.
Who needs employment?


Sam said...

Hi Debby
I only just noticed you have a Marin blog. Thanks for the tips about the Flat Iron. Maybe I went at a bad time. The service was appalling and the burgers were overcooked, the cabbage in the coleslaw had brown edges.
Maybe the chef was out when we visited. Did you go at lunch or in the evening?
we were there on a friday lunch time.

Sam said...

PS - I used your lovely pic on my blog - I hope you don't mind as you got plenty of credit and it links directly back to your site. If you do mind, let me know and I will remove it.

drbiggles said...

Yeah I dunno man, those are nice photographs and all. But where's the gravy? Gravy is my favorite flavor.



cookiecrumb said...

Hi Sam,
OMG, I'm getting comments on my blog, thanks to you! Blush. Fun!
My meals at the Flat Iron have both been lunches, and I confess it's been some time ago... Ew, brown edges on coleslaw.
Oh, and hi, Doc. Does duck fat count as gravy? Mm.