Friday, May 04, 2007


Sigh. My kitchen is only two days old, and already the refrigerator is a hodgepodge.
There's nothing fresh in it except for some milk and a package of flour tortillas. Oh, and a half of a cantaloupe and a little bit of roasted chicken down there in the bag on the bottom shelf. And I am proud to say that's a new jar of pickled eggs over on the other side of it.
Everything else is jarred, canned or plastic-tubbed, and it all arrived recently from my other refrigerator a couple of miles away.
Sam dared us to show images of our unedited refrigerators. Hers is dashingly furnished with loads of Champagne. I've got one bottle of prosecco and a single can of Bud.
So here you go.
At least the shelves are clean.
One other good thing is that by dragging out all these jars from the old place, I got to look at them again. They'd gotten rather deeply buried. I have some pretty good flavors in there: curries, pickled ginger, lime chutney, preserved lemon. Mm! Gonna do some lazy-ass un-fresh cooking.
I could talk about all the un-fresh foods that came out of my cupboards and pantry, too, but I'm saving that for another post. My Week of Eating Pantrily.


Tea said...

The prosecco is to toast the new digs, yes? Congrats, I hope the three of you will be very happy there (and that Bean Sprout gets over the fact that he was not consulted:-)

Chilebrown said...

How far are you from the market now! Ms. Goofy and I will be at the Marin market Sunday 8 am to buy 'Jumbo Asparagi' from Chris Zukerman farm. I will buy you Asparagus Raviolis if you show up! My dogs 'Mojo and Oscar' say 'Beansprout' needs a Fava Bean Facial. Peace,Paul

Anonymous said...

Wow, pickled eggs. I've always been fascinated.. Is it a home recipe?

Anonymous said...

"Walls for the wind
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks beside the fire-
Laughter to cheer you
And those who love near you
And all that your heart(s) may desire."

The Irish..ya gotta love them. House (home) blessings to you.

Unknown said...

Yay, you made it to the new digs, Congratulations! So what does Beansprout think of new home?

cookiecrumb said...

Tea: Spot on, that. I don't think it's even in the fridge anymore. :D
Bean Sprout approves of the place, by the way. He's cool.

Chilebrown: We're now about two miles; maybe less. Still planning on shopping there, but I don't have to feel guilty about not walking over to the market (gasp). I will see you at Zuckerman's at 8 Sunday. I'll be the old white lady wearing the anti-Bush hat. Oh, wait. That describes all of us. Heh.

UD: You can try it yourself by simply hard-cooking some eggs, and then submerging them in leftover pickle juice. Flavor it up any way you like. A chile, a garlic clove... Let 'em sit for a few days and then start sampling. Have fun. One of my better pickled-egg attempts used leftover olive juice.

Jen's Mom: Thank you for the serenity. Come and enjoy the fire, eh?

Lannae: Thanks! The doggie is inexplicably happy, but dogs are so easy... :)

Sam said...

I have to confess only one of my bottles is real champagne - the rest are bottles of Proseccos which I love.

When you drink as many bubbles as I do, you can't afford to get the real stuff all the time.

that's a might fine fridge for having only just moved. COngrats!

Ed Bruske said...

My wife is convinced that most refrigerators are filled with condiments, many of which don't even need to be refrigerated. We advocate a separate drawer or fridge for condiments.

Anonymous said...

Ed, you and your wife are on to something. Koreans often have a separate fridge for their condiments, a kimchee refrigerator. Which makes sense though, since the smell will permeate EVERYTHING in the the fridge if you're not careful.

We have a separate fridge in the garage where I keep my kimchee, with a folded layer of plastic wrap between the jars and the lids to help control the smell. We also try to only keep bottled drinks and cans back there, things that are "safe' from the "contamination."

ChrisB said...

Glad the move went well and Bean Sprout is settled. I don't feel so bad about my fridge now I'm seeing yours and Sam's (I do have extra small fridges in my cellar for the overspill I have way too many half full or half empty jars)

Dagny said...

When I glanced in my fridge recently, I was overwhelmed by the amounts of condiments it contains. But I think the variety is necessary. Who knows when one is going to need some pickled ginger or hoisin sauce or ... Well, you get the point.

I hope the move has been painless.

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Thank you, darling. It's a skinny little fridge. I wish it was wider. But, I started thinking that maybe I'll just shop more often for fresh food, and eat it up as quickly as possible.
Come on over and toast the new place.

Ed: She's right. I could probably move half of these out to shelves in the garage without risking botulism. Or a visit to Craig's List. (Not to sell the mustard! To get a new fridge!! )

UD: Yeah! What you said. (Mm. Kimchee.)

ChrisB: I'm just a normal slob. I mean, two days, and that's already what it looks like? Eek.

Dagny: I'd like to brag that there are also bags of almonds and walnuts in there. Flaxseeds, and seeds for sprouting alfalfa too. But YEAH: Condiments!!

Ed Bruske said...

Wage war on condiments. Move condiments. Find drawer for condiments...

Ed Bruske said...

Wait, I just read Udderly Delish on kimchee. Revelation. Kimchee is on the list. Must do kimchee. Separate fridge for kimchee...

cookiecrumb said...

Ed: Yeah, is that cool?
As for condiments... Well, I have a small "beer fridge" on the patio. Maybe I'll move that to the garage. For the seldom-used peach butter (and what the hell is wrong with me that I use peach butter so seldom?).
And the other funny stuff. But I'm keeping my super premium soy sauce in the fridge in the house. Just open the top and stick in a straw; I could drink that stuff. (I'll give you a linky to the source if you ask nice.)

Anonymous said...

We have a beer fridge in the garage too. A kimchee fridge?

Congrats on the move. Your fridge is lovely.

cookiecrumb said...

Sue: Actually the beer fridge ended up staying out on the patio; it gets too hot inside the garage and the poor little thing would be running constantly.