Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring in my Step, Spring in my Bowl

I was so flattered to see Catherine's homage to my peas-and-eggs lunch from almost two years ago. At the time I wrote it up, I was a beginning blogger and even though I really enjoyed my meal then, I thought it was naive and humble.
Well. Naive and humble has become my menu, especially since I've discovered the importance of eating locally and seasonally.
Last week I cooked up my peas-and-eggs lunch again. Humble and naive, with a load of butter.


Dagny said...

Ooooo. Two of my favorite foods that I would have never thought of combining. And butter too?

Catherine said...

Did you see Pim's pea omelette with chives? I think you're gonna like that one too!

Glenna said...

Hey, works for me!

Katie said...

Fresh spring peas? And eggs? What's not to like!?!

Beccy said...

Ohhhh that looks very good and so simple.

ChrisB said...

much as I like both these foods 'peas' are the one veg that embee doesn't like, of course that doesn't stop me cooking a single portion!

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Oh, yeah. Gotta have the butter. Smash up the yolks a little... mm.

Catherine: Oh! I'll go see; thanks.

Glenna: And it's brainlessly simple.

Katie: The height of spring.

Beccy: Yup, easy-peasy!

ChrisB: Cranky's mom used to have to make certain dishes for herself when her husband was away, because there were things he just would not eat.

Ray: Thank you very much! I hope you'll go have a bowl for lunch.

ChrisB said...

cc if embee takes his sister on hol. later this month that will give me the opportunity to eat all my favourite things!