Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November Comfort Food

Yeah, I stole today's meal off Sam's blog. You ever do that? Usually it takes a little longer than a few hours to get around to replicating (correction: paying homage to) somebody else's idea.
A couple of months ago I got a comment from the owner of now-disappeared blog Oaktown Farm, who wondered what to do with her surplus of apples and squash. I suggested a tart, with leeks and sage and goat cheese. Not long afterward, on the same day in fact, she came back to comment that the tart had been very good indeed. Wow. She had actually dashed to the kitchen to try out my little idea.
So, today Sam posted about her beautiful lentil-sausage supper that she has been leaving in the kitchen for the most excellent Fred to dine on while she gallivants.
As I commented on her post: "kitchen quandary solved." Or words to that effect.
I sent Cranky up to the local bodega, which happens to have its very own in-house butcher. It wasn't Fatted Calf, but this proud and humble place does make its own French sausages (along with other types). Garlicky, juicy, really delicious and a local enterprise to boot.
Meanwhile I was banging around in the kitchen hacking up a black cabbage from the Point Reyes Station farmers market, which I sauteed with carrots and onions. Boiled some lentils in a separate pot with bay leaf and a splash of wine. (That both pots were salted goes without saying, so I didn't just say that.) Tossed the sausages into first one pot, and then the other. I don't know why. Indecision.
Finally, when I deemed it all cooked to eatiness, I mixed the vegetables and sausage in with the lentils. Wait. It needed a tiny dose of cider vinegar. OK, done.
The colors! It would have made a perfect Halloween meal. Anyway.
Oh, man. Such good eating.
What a great welcome to November, and thanks for the nudge, Sam.


Moonbear said...

Now I'm sorry I deleted my blog! But I enjoy reading yours so much. Your November comfort food sounds extra good, especially now that it's getting chilly.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked the first time someone told me they'd actually tried a recipe from my blog! And flattered, very flattered. I do, in fact, make recipes from blogs pretty often - Both other gluten-free blogs and "regular" blogs (I am gettin good at modifying recipes to meet my dietary restrictions). It's part of the thril of food blogging - And of Recipezaar, which I also post my recipes on.

cookiecrumb said...

I don't think I've ever had comments on a post this quickly, and I can't tell you how it pleases me that the first is from Moonbear. I miss you.

BTB: Flattering, isn't it? Even if all we're doing is taking off on a suggestion and riffing away. I've been enjoying getting to know your blog.

Tami said...

You just may inspire me to do a bit more cooking...(I tend to be more inspired when it's cold and dark out as well...)

Stacie said...

so beautiful! pt. reyes is the most magical place, thanks for bringing it to mind... I love lentils with sausage! I love the legume/sausage combo in almost any form this time of year. I made a white bean, brat (big in the midwest) dish with thyme and sage and spinach, it was sooo warm and cozy! your food pics are yummy!!

Dagny said...

Oooo. I may have to add that to my winter fare. The last couple of days I was dining on lima beans with hamhock -- one of my "the days are getting shorter" faves.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to it. After reading Sam's post I decided that's a meal for next week as hubby likes his sausages.

cookiecrumb said...

Tami: Lentils are the easiest of legumes to cook, if that's any encouragement. They don't need soaking and they're done in under an hour. Way under.

Stacie: Ha, yeah -- brats! Good stuff. My thyme plant died; sniff. Your meal sounds great.

Dagny: I'm so glad you like limas. Did you cook dried or use frozen? Also, smoked hamhocks or not?

ChrisB: I had my first-ever chipolata sausage not long ago (on Sam's advice as I recall), but I much prefer this chubby French version.

Kevin said...

I made sausage ragu a couple of nights ago. Need to get that posted.

cookiecrumb said...

Sher: Rain here too today. Funny, I don't mind it, even though it's *very* wet. I gotta get a houseplant; all my babies on the patio are drownded. Suggestions?

Kev: Hurry! 'Tis the season.

Dagny said...

Frozen limas with smoked hamhocks. Boris has been fascinated with the whole thing. Like he'd ever get any.