Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Now go out there and scare up some fun.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll let others scare me. We have just had some visitors!!!

Dagny said...

I already did my scaring for the day -- by having the audacity to assign homework. Boohoo.

Anonymous said...

A Halloween report from Marin: at least three little boys showed us in chef's outfits (not all at one time) and several children appeared in vegetable costumes. What a difference a decade makes!!

cookiecrumb said...

Sher: Fun was had! Merci.

ChrisB: We didn't have a SINGLE visitor, not one.

Dagny: Ooh. Evil, mean teacher. Scary.

Kudzu: You should really have a blog. That is such an amazing story.

Anonymous said...

We had a really naughty pumpkin at our house this year.