Saturday, August 03, 2013

I'm Boring You with Buttermilk

OK, after this, I promise not to squick you out with buttermilk anymore.

This is buttermilk, the original, pure fluid that is expelled from butter when you churn cream. It's not the stuff you buy in the grocery store, although you will have had to buy some of that in order to get the flavor thing going in the butter.

I have long known that real buttermilk from the old days was the leftover whey from making butter, but I just couldn't imagine it. Actually, no, I imagined it, but I got it wrong. I thought it would be a weepy, transparent liquid, and have no zing in the flavor.

This, this is luscious, velvety, solid white, and it tastes fantastic. It tastes fantastic because I cultured the cream overnight, before churning, with some commercial buttermilk. Yes, that definitely works, giving the butter an amazing tart, almost cheese-like flavor.

And (duh!) it also flavors the whey that separates out from the fat. The buttermilk tastes like buttermilk!

Because I am a monomaniac, I hope you, too will try this at home.

Kids! Try this at home!


Chilebrown said...

Tell Cranky we will see him bright and early at the market. I have given up on asking you. Freak flags will
be flyin

cookiecrumb said...

CB, Yeah, Cranky ran into you and had his picture taken. Nice! I was lying in bed with the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.

Greg said...

Budda milk ;)