Saturday, June 08, 2013

The World's Best Dog in the World

I've had five dogs. All of them were really great, beginning with Pepper when I was ten (but he ran away all the time because my parents didn't want him neutered). Then Chili, who was nice, but brain-damaged (a rescue puppy, he would sometimes fall into trances and bite me). Later on, Bean Dip was adorable, although Cranky wasn't totally fond of him. I missed him so much when he died that I bought a replica to replace him, Bean Sprout, who was nice and beautiful and smart, but not affectionate.

And now we have Bartlett, the first girl dog I've ever had. She's smart, athletic, pretty much obedient, funny, nice... and affectionate.

I could bore you, describing all those behaviors, but you get it, right? Yeah. So here's the behavior I want to share with you: She stops me and Cranky when we're squabbling. This is a relatively new thing (she'll be four in a few months). When the man and I begin to raise our voices over some dispute, Bartlett climbs up on my shoulders at the back of my neck (this always takes place in bed, a lovely place for squabbling). She spreads herself from one shoulder to the other, her ears flattened back (a sign of sadness), and leans her head around to the front. She puts her soft muzzle right up against my mouth, pressing gently, urging me to Shut the Front Door.

"Stop talking loud! Don't make those sounds anymore!" (Why she chooses me and not Cranky? I'm going to have to think really hard about that.)

It always works. I shut up, and so does Cranky. We laugh a little, actually, and comfort her, because she feels so sad. It's a little embarrassing, to tell the truth.

I love her the most.


Katie S said...

Dogs are awesome. Love Bartlett!

Zoomie said...

Gandhi in a fur coat. So sweet.

cookiecrumb said...

Katie: Thank you! I love dogs So Much.
But, to be clear to my loyal audience, I love cats, too, So Much.

Zoomie: Yeah, our little peace negotiator. Isn't it funny?

Zoomie said...

Dogs are so endearing - they have a way of sneaking into your heart. And girl dogs rule!

Zoomie said...

And ditto about the cats. I'm missing having a cat, although I LOVE my dog. But, her one fault is that she's a dedicated cat chaser...

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I didn't expect a difference in personalities between male and female dogs, but I suppose it's possible.
I just assume each dog is a crap shoot, and we got lucky. Although I suspect she'd be rough on kitties. Just built in.

My cats were named Skoshi, Sam and Shalimar. You ever check out Cute Overload? Go there now, although it seems to be bunnies today... :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I love her too! What a lovely girl.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

If your voice is higher than C's, that's why she stops you, she can hear you better :)

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Oh, well, that helps a bit. I'm afraid it's because I'm the shriekiest. But having a high voice... Well, that sounds shrieky. I am the shriekiest. 
She is a good, good friend.

(I saw your kitties kissing today!)

Chilebrown said...

Romeo and Juliet squabbling?

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Oh, we are usually just squabbling about domestic things.
"I get to make dinner!"
"No, I get to make dinner!"

Pink Granite said...

When Chuck and I argued, our dog Z used to press herself between us.
It was incredibly effective.
Keep up the good work Bartlett!
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...

Lee: Wow, I guess this is a behavior some dogs know. The great thing is it works!
She also interrupts us when we're necking. She thinks she's the only one who gets kissed.
Hope all is smooth sailing for you; you've had some situations... <3