Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Tatty's Day

I learned, quite late in life, that I am of part Irish heritage. I guess my parents had more pressing topics of discussion, like, "No, he set the table. You're washing dishes and don't make me say it twice!"
If I'd had a deeper knowledge, a deeper respect for my ancestry, I almost certainly would not wear the Irish Drinking Socks. But there they are; you see them on my skinny ankles.
And why wouldn't I wear the socks? Sure, they're silly and trashy. On purpose. Come on, St. Patrick's day is silly and trashy, the way we maul it in the US. But it was the look of dismay, disgust, really, on Sam's mum's face when she saw the socks on me last fall that drove home how horrific they must really be.
The history of the socks is that they were a gag gift from Sam's sister, Beccy, who lives in Ireland.. She warned me then that they were quite tatty (not natty). Just for fun. So, when Sam's mum and Beccy came to California for a visit last fall, I insinuated myself into the crowd, suggesting we meet for lunch so I could meet Sam's mum for the second time, and Beccy for the first. Oh, and of course, Sam and Fred for the zillionth time. I wanted to salute Beccy by wearing the socks she had sent me, and as she strolled up to our party, I lifted my cuff to show her. I thought it was funny.
Sam's mum nearly died. I could read her lips as she mouthed "You shouldn't wear those." I think she looked around for an emergency sock vending machine, so grave was my sartorial error.
Well, I just tucked my feet under the table, and we had a splendid afternoon.
You'd think I would never wear the socks again, but today, I did. Just junky, inauthentic stuff, kinda like the corned beef we ate.
Really good.


cookiecrumb said...


Ms Brown Mouse said...

There's an emergency thong vending machine near my office (flipflops? Not those revolting semi-knickers) but no emergency socks!
Our salute to St Paddy was slow roasted pork & cabbage, all feet bare :)

kudzu said...

Loved it that my favorite server at the deli in an Italian-influenced market is a lively Latina who was decked out with bright green shiny shamrock pins, green "antennae" and a bright green scarf yesterday. I felt compelled to buy some corned beef (sliced) just to honor that spirit! My dinner? Whisky, lamb, cabbage and tatties. And it wasn't tatty.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Wow, emergency slippahs! I'm afraid I would make a nuisance of myself there.
Your meal sounds nice, slow cooked and bare feet!

Kudzu: Lamb? Damn, ma'am. What a comforting, gentle repast. Just don't have to go all green and crazy, do we? (Jameson, right?)

Zoomie said...

Ms Mouse, I love the idea of a vending machine with emergency go-aheads in it! They need that in Hawaii, but I have never seen one there.

Cookiecrumb, we live in the Land of the Free - we get to be just as tatty as we want. ;-D We had corned beef a day earlier, just because.

SimplyStated said...

Wore my "Black Irish & Proud!" t-shirt for our annual trek to a area pub we haven't been to comeback jokes like you would not believe...mainly because I'm black. Had great shepherd's pie and a Guinness.

Went to the parade, ate a green bagel and had a Bailey's Irish Creme Latte. Hubby had another Guinness. We walked home via the riverwalk...hubby managed not to fall in.

Came home to smell of Guinness Corned Beef which had been cooking in the crock pot all day...

Made Irish Garlic knots and Guinness onions and sauerkraut. Hubby had another Guinness again to make sure quality was good.

Put on my "You're Looking at the End of the Rainbow" nightshirt, had a Guinness with hubby.

Hubby passed out and I read my current book for a bit...then I joined him..All in all it was a "wee fine day."

My hubby also a wee fine headache today but I made it all good with Rueben sandwiches and a pretty good smoothie.

I love the Irish.

Zoomie said...

SimplyStated, I love your St. Patrick's Day celebration, especially that "End of the Rainbow" shirt. You did us proud.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: You're the only other one besides me who calls them go-aheads! xoxo
But I really appreciated my English friends' cautious admonition that I was dressing like a real yahoo. Don't wanna be a yahoo.

Simply: Excellent shirt! Well done. Wow, you put away a bit of food. I'd probably have been done after the shepherd's pie, and gone home to contemplate a Guinness.