Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Got Scalloped

Scallops! I don't even like scallops, but apparently I do. Now and then. Once in a while.
So, of course, when I mentioned scallops to Cranky the other day, he dashed off and bought a passel.
They are so easy to cook. Sauté until goldy-brown on both sides, that ought to do ya. Don't be afraid of a little heat! We splattered ours with lemon juice, melted butter and capers, though I'm sure a more genteel sauce would be nice.
Best thing I have to tell you about, though, is that winter salad you can hardly see on the plate. Mandolined radishes, tiny white turnips, celery and fennel bulb. You just shave your salad.
Sorry I can't tell you what I'll be snacking on while watching the 49ers play the Giants in soaking rain this afternoon. It's not on the premises yet. Oh, hell, I'll blurt. It's going to be a pastrami sandwich, from a local NY-style deli. New York, I eat your lunch!


cookiecrumb said...


Greg said...

Look at those fat scallops! Yum yum.Perfect sauce.Go Niners!

Zoomie said...

"I eat your lunch!" Ha, good one! I used to LOVE scallops as a child but I must have eaten one too many back then because now I can't face them at all. Sad, really.

Kailyn said...

I love seafood but I don't exactly rush to have scallops. They're OK.

And I hope you're washing down your pastrami with some Anchor Steam.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: They got all sizes to choose from at Whole Foods. Really fresh, too.

Zoomie: Funny how we'll do that. Cranky knows if I'm suddenly interested in scallops, we better eat them right now!

Kailyn: Anchor Steam! Excellent.

Chilebrown said...

Well as Raiders fans, we are eating Crow. Pastrami sound yummy but sourdough and crab cannot be beat.

After further review and the end of the game. I hope you has sour pickles with your sandwich.

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: I would have preferred crab to scallops yesterday, but that pastrami sandwich today was divine.
Everybody thought the valiant but unlucky Niners didn't do half bad, so our pickles were half sours.

kudzu said...

Miller's? (The deli, not the beer.)

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Totally Miller's. You've written about them. The pastrami was very good, have-again good. And the adorable half sour pickles were perfect.

Hungry Dog said...

Scallopy goodness there. I like scallops, you do too! Even if you say you don't. When done right, they are delicious. Like the sound of that winter salad too.

Poor 49ers.

cookiecrumb said...

Hungry Dog: I used to avoid scallops because they're sweet. Dumb!

Now I'm yearning for gougeres, Les Cheezy Poofs.