Sunday, May 08, 2011

So Damn Cute

What can I say?
This was pretty, whimsical, and fun to eat. It made you hungry. It was like... like an appetizer! It appetized.
Roll some really fat asparagus around in a pan of butter until they soften (we cut them in half, crosswise). Brown spots are encouraged. No salt, though.
Because once the spears are custard-tender, you're going to cut a lengthwise slit and fill the pocket with skinny slivers of Gruyere, and cheese is plenty-o-salty.
Also, you're going to wrap your confection in pieces of Lady Gaga's meat dress. No, edit that. Pieces of fantastic prosciutto, with so much flavor already in it, you don't need anything else.
Return to pan, but try to keep the slit side up so your cheese doesn't melt all over the pan.
Yep, just heat'n'serve. Simple, really. We laughed when we weren't groaning with pleasure.


cookiecrumb said...


Zoomie said...

Oh, baby! Nothin' there but spring and flavor. Perfect.

cookiecrumb said...

Zooms, these were the thickest asparagus I've ever seen, and they were good! Cranky said they get soft inside "like eggplant."

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Some of my favorite flavor combinations, and what a fun way to end a weekend!
We got half the lawn mowed, that's a spring thing right? (I talk as if it's acres, more like we're just busy, erm... lazy...)

Zoomie said...

I thought your description of "custard-tender" was apt. Cranky's, too, but you got there first.

Chilebrown said...

I love Asparagus!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie, Cranky got there first. He said it while were eating. :)

Chile down, I know you do! Thanks for the idea of complicated rolls.

cookiecrumb said...

Little Pots, we couldn't garden today because of gale force winds. 35 MPH. That's MY excuse. This food was so simple, and it seemed like a million dollars. Xo.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Enough of those and who needs a main course? Protein, dairy, green - a complete meal :) And so pretty.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse, it WAS the complete meal. We ate about four times today.

Pink Granite said...

That looks fabulous.
I lean toward the skinny asparagus, but the idea of creamy like eggplant on the inside has me intrigued.
Many thanks!

cookiecrumb said...

Pink Granite, thick asparagus is IN around here, it seems. We can get the skinny, too, but one is a slave to fashion. You might give them a try, but I'll understand if you're stuck on your old favorites. PS, the prosciutto was a spiced variety from La Quercia. Tasty.