Monday, February 14, 2011

♥It's All About Love♥

We brought Bean Sprout home on Valentine's Day, seven years ago. Poor little fellow didn't even make it to his sixth birthday.
But boy, could he pose.
I don't think I'm being unfair to Bartlett by remembering El Fluffo. Bartlett fills our hearts. She's getting nicer by the minute. Smart. Pretty. A daily wonder.
Still, I guess you don't forget your old, gone puppies. And today happens to be a day when I think about Bean Sprout. He didn't like me much, but I liked him.
All this mourning and nostalgia, though... Just makes me so happy about Bartlett.
And, so you know, there is heart-shaped food happening at our house today.


Anonymous said...

A sweet post, made me sad and happy at the same time, if that's at all possible

no two pets are alike, they seem to fill our hearts in different ways, but they always manage to do that....

Happy V-day for you!

Zoomie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Cranky and Bartlett. Your love for Bean Sprout doesn't take away from your love for the Terra Linda Pear Dog. Love morphs but doesn't leave - like energy.

cookiecrumb said...

Sally and Zoomie: How true. Thank you both for the reassurance. Zoomie, I love your conservation of energy allusion. Which I think Sally would appreciate.
Love to you both.

Chilebrown said...

Oh man we miss Bean Sprout too. Is that you on the right or left.

Did we miss something about "It's All About Love", Cranky?

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: You noticed I didn't mention Cranky!!! Hell, 30 years of marriage... we're all set.
That's me on the right.

Shine said...

I always feel more alive after I visit your blog. I might feel happier, provoked to thought, hungry, unsure etc...but always revitalized. I thank you for that.

Having lost a disproportionately large amount of loved ones early in life-I truly believe that remembering and honoring these ones in memory-actually enhances our other relationships.

It is a testament to you and Cranky that your hearts are large enough that you have sufficient love to give yourself to more than one animal companion.

I can only imagine how you feel, as I am just a long-distance reader and my heart leaps with delight when I see you have a post with Sprout (my what a pin-up, love it) or Bartlett. Congrats on having such endearing companions.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It's no betrayal of old loves, to welcome new loves into our hearts. Nor is it a betrayal of the new love, to remember how much we have loved before.

cookiecrumb said...

Shine: OMG. Wow. Thank you. Wow. Yeah, pets are little bundles of forever-love, but the darn little animals don't last forever. Bean Sprout was taken from us so early, I just wasn't done with him! :)

Mouse: Well, Bartlett doesn't even know I posted this, so she's not jealous. It's interesting, you and I walked through grief at about the same time, and then ventured into new love. The world goes 'round!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's you on the right?

amazing, we could be twin sisters.... Except, of course, you are way more photogenic than me!


namastenancy said...

What Zoomie said - very eloquent. Now, what's going into those heart shaped pans?

namastenancy said...

Oh - and "your" peeps had to ask which photo was you on the blog? Shame on them! I had no difficulty in determining that you were the one with a lot less white hair.

cookiecrumb said...

BKitchen: Hah! I've seen your photo. You are a knockout. I'm a wizened hag.

Nancy: Sweet... Well, that is a picture of an ice-cube tray, actually! I used it for heart-shaped gelees once, but they were hard to get out of the molds. We ate steak tartare in the shape of a heart. And a coeur a la creme, savory, also heart-shaped.

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: Right. Just zip off my dog suit, and that's me with a lot less hair! :D