Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comfort Food

The middle of January. A very cold, slightly rainy day.
We venture into Sausalito to put a little sparkle on Big Boy's B-Day, though I am reluctant. I want to stay home in front of the fire.
But it's Cranky's day, and he has an idea.
Sushi Ran, the fabled restaurant you can't get into and the staff treats you rudely if you do get in.
Still, the reputation of the chef and his ingredients prevails, luring us into giving it a try.
We get a seat. The hostess is charming!
Tables begin to fill up, and yet our waiter is a gem. With a sense of humor.
I'm trying to be grumpy here, people! But they won't let me.
Appetizer is a dream. Miso soup is lovely.
Then, this bowl of chirashizushi, with twinkling, bright dabs of sea life. (Barely dead, trust me.)
How could raw scallops and a dismembered shrimp head be comforting? Beats me, but I always crave sushi most in cold weather. Each bite is so pure, so new, it is indeed a comfort.
I can't explain it, but I inhaled this dish (in a ladylike way). It's often hard for me to clean my plate, but these morsels kept sliding down. The rice was easy to get at because of the pretty presentation in an extra-large bowl.
Eat, eat, eat.


Anonymous said...

*Again* with the fish eggs! whadda?

happy birthday to cranky

cookiecrumb said...

Fast: El, I know! I'm losing readers.
It was same eggs, same day. OK?
Thanks for BD wishes.

Sarah said...

That is a bright and shiny little dish. I feel like it's winking at me.

Very cheery indeed. Happy birthday to Cranky.

Zoomie said...

That looks to me exactly like a Cookiecrumb meal - as if the chef knew you and knew you were coming, so invented exactly the right dish and presentation to whet your appetite. Did you eat the shrimp head, too?

cookiecrumb said...

Sarah: I almost had to put on my sunglassses. :D

Zoomie: The menu promises a few dabs of this and that, and leaves the rest to the chef's discretion. (I don't think he ever looked at me, though.)
No, I didn't eat the shrimp head! I've tried one before, and it's terrible. Others will not concur; fine.

Greg said...

Brilliant plating and a stunning photo!

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Suddenly, I find myself craving sushi. What a presentation!

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: It was easy to get a stunning photo, because of that fantastic plating, and the glowing light in the room. Thanks.
Now I'm ruined for sushi anywhere else.

cookiecrumb said...

Little Pots: Isn't it artistic? The waiter placed it in front of me in exactly this expository position.
Go! Have some comfort sushi.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

What a beautiful dish! Although I've got the Fish Heads song as an ear worm now.
I eat a crisp fried school prawns (shrimp) along with their heads but I wouldn't go a big one, uncooked and all - there's a line and it's dotted with raw prawns :)

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Cranky!

Interesting sushi place, a "Soup Nazi" kind of restaurant... :-)

We love sushi, have it at least once a week - maybe one day I'll have a chance to try Sushi Ran

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: The prawn was cooked! I just can't stand the brain flavor in there; too strong. (I shoulda saved it for you.)
Fish Heads song?

Sally BK: Once a week! Admirable. I'm afraid I'm hooked now, but it's kinda pricey.
That Soup Nazi behavior is a thing of the past. The economy tanked, and now they are nice.
When you come to Northern California, let's go there.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads. Fish heads, fish heads eat them up, Yum!

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: OK, I'll be singing that all day. (However, I DO play the drums!)

Barbara said...

It looks comforting.Hapy Birthday to Mr Cranky.

kudzu said...

The chef from Sushi Ran is now at the Japanese restaurant on Sunnyside in Mill Valley: their loss is your pleasure. Glad it was a better experience!

Nobody needs a Nazi Japanese chef who intimidates people.

cookiecrumb said...

Barbara: Comforting, yet at the same time thrilling. If that's possible!
Cranky says Thanky!

Kudzu: Oh! I do think I'd heard that, but I don't keep track the way you do. Well, whoever stepped up the the "stove" has a good eye and a deft hand. And the materials are jewel-like. Win win win.

Shine said...

I truly do not fling superlatives about Cookie...this photo is one of my all time favorite food photographs.

I am having visions of this minimalist dining room that has wallpaper with that image motif and glossy black furniture.

I wish I could have read/commented on your posts lately as they came up...instead of all at one time. I've been HUGELY entertained catching up. Outstanding!!

cookiecrumb said...

Hi Shine: You flatter me!
I guess I should quit now, because that's my favorite photo too. :)