Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Stock Report

Chilly weather, and Cranky wanted to eat something green. Needed to eat something green.
Too cold for a salad. No Brussels sprouts or broccoli in the house. But there was that cabbage. And potatoes and onions.
Cranky did a quick snoop through the chest freezer and pulled out a most remarkable elixir: A stock made from chicken bones and barbecued rib bones. This was flavor. Smoky, a teensy bit of sweet (from traces of BBQ sauce, I think), meaty and very dark.
So, we're thinking cabbage soup!
Who in their right mind wants cabbage soup?
If you are lucky enough to have a stock like this, I daresay you want cabbage soup.
I seared some onions and chunks of (Savoy) cabbage in oil, for that burned, brown flavor. (That bit in the picture that looks like bacon? Cabbage.) Then tossed it into the soup pot with the rest of the cabbage, the cubed potatoes, some salt, black pepper and (I don't know why, but it was perfect) a dash of ground cumin.
This was the most underseasoned soup in the world, and we couldn't stop drooling and groaning. It was seasoned by its ingredients.
Especially that stock.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cabbage soup is wonderful, it's just boiled-for-hours-cabbage soup that sucks sweaty boy socks!

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Yeah, this still had not-quite crunch texture to it, and it didn't stink. Of course, we want more.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

You're up! Hello!
(day off for me, otherwise I'd be locked away).

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Up! It's 3:18 in the afternoon. I love our little live times together.
Gawd, day off! That jury has been an ordeal.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Indeedy, I'm ready to kill someone but don't fancy a trial by my peers, not now that I've met some of the buggers.
Have a lovely rest of the afternoon xx

cookiecrumb said...


Kalyn said...

Call me odd, but I love cabbage soup. (In fact, I just plain love cabbage!)

And no way I would consider buying that book. Ugh.

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: Oh, honey. I DO call you odd. !! :D
Nope, cabbage soup is so satisfying, wintry, and doesn't even need meat chunks.
YES on the book boycott.

Do you know Ms Brown Mouse? She's pals with Ilva!

Anonymous said...

Too cold for salad? (Wussy californians.)

Cabbage in soup *can* be divine, if coddled. Sounds like you did some good coddling!

Zoomie said...

I just bought my first-ever Savoy cabbage today to make rolls so I'll use the rest for soup. I was just wondering what to do with the rest and... Cookie to the rescue!

Kelly said...

ohh yeah! cabbage soup/stew is one of the worlds biggest secrets. Can i give you another- try adding some braised fennel, onions and some sauteed pork, chilli and fennel sausage. Viola! Verzada. Italian peasant stew. This and okonomiyaki kept us up to speed with our CSA box over the winters hungry gap!

cookiecrumb said...

Fast: Oh, El, I love cabbage soup. It just sounds dumb, but what a mouthful.
Yeah, we's wimpin' on the cold weather. But ate a cool Cobb salad on the patio yesterday.

Zoomie: A Savoy is perfect for stuffing, with its stretchable dimples! Looking forward to your results (and, is it cabbage roll season all of a sudden, they're everywhere!).

Kel: We were talking about okonomiyaki just FIVE MINUTES ago! Eee. Thanks for the details on the Italian stew, yow.

Hungry Dog said...

Although cabbage soup doesn't necessarily sound all that exotic, it certainly does with that stock! I'd eat a bowlful.

cookiecrumb said...

Dog: Save Your Bones!

Juanita said...

The cabbage-potato combo is always a winner when paired with the right seasoning. Looks like it turned out yum!

cookiecrumb said...

Juanita: We were lucky. (And there are leftovers. Also, GF.)

Kitikata-san said...

see this blog post, you may be interested.

cookiecrumb said...

Kiti: Fabulous. Thanks so much. Arrggghhhh, I'm still so mad. :)