Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clay Pot Four Loko

Yes, we are going nuts over the clay pot. We followed a Cooking Channel recipe fairly closely the first two times (though we tinkered with the vegetables). The mixture of sugar, soy sauce, oil and garlic is just simplicity. Tastes so good, when kicked up with black pepper and sesame oil.
Gradually, though, we began to explore. The other day we made our maddest dash toward originality with a clay pot of curried potatoes, onions and cauliflower. No sugar or soy sauce, but the garlic fried in oil was indeed a keeper.
We had recently tasted Trader Joe's Thai green garlic paste. Yeah, it's nice. No idea how authentic it is; we're poking around in "I don't know that yet" territory. I've eaten a lot of Asian food, but I haven't parsed it. I'll tell you, though, it's not very hot. Well, we bought a jar of it anyway. And we also have a jar of Korean gochujang, which is a hot, sweetish red paste that reminds me of spicy ketchup, but it has no tomatoes in it.
Crossing impossible culinary borders, I combined these oozy liquids and came up with a fancy taste, indeed.
And so simple. Curried potatoes and cauliflower, with flavor flav. Listen: FIVE minutes on the stovetop in the presoaked pot (though we had parboiled the potatoes). It adds up to a little time, but it's easy.
I don't have a photo of it, although I am picturing it in my head.
That good. Absolutely no relation to the picture above.

(The photo is staged. One, nobody barfs into their hands. Two, she's holding a wad of spaghetti strings to make the picture look live. If I wanna watch people barf, I watch Tosh.0.)

Yeah, we goin' dirtbag!


Greg said...

Whoa nellie! That picture will draw some comments. Can you fuzz out her underwear like they do on TV?

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: This picture is so hellish, the underpants are the only good part.

Anonymous said...

If I posted that picture on my blog, you would lambaste me for immature disgustingness.

Bonus points for using the phrase "oozy liquids" to go with it.

cookiecrumb said...

Peter: I'd probably give you some sort of ribbing. But I'd be jealous. So I did it first here.

I am in the midst of admiring your Asian shelf, where you throw everything, from whatever country, into the mix.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I once puked up my duffle coat sleeve!

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Terribly clever! Either a really good accident or unbelievably resourceful tidiness.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

The latter, I've always been a neat vomiter :)