Thursday, September 02, 2010

So You Think You Can Cook

What I ate.
I know! Another post about what I ate. Boring.
But so not boring, I have to share it with you.
We wanted to eat corn, but there needed to be more food for it to be a meal.
Potato salad? And why not? So summery, and it's a hot one today.
But. Tiresome, repetitious potato salad...? Must. Be. Original.
Cranky had the brilliant idea of throwing in some fresh English peas. And that set me to thinking: peas and potatoes; sounds Indian.
I'm no Indian cook, so this is total fake-o, but we came up with a Bollywood dish of cooked potatoes, cooked peas, a small chopped tomato, seasoned with a dab of mustard, gobs of olive oil, salt, black pepper, a shake of red pepper flakes, and... and... a pinch of garam masala. Only a pinch.
I'm doing the finger-cymbal dance.


Anonymous said...

Well goodness it's surely pretty. Wrap it up in pastry and call it a samosa! Or not, as I know you're trying to be good.

Zoomie said...

A little Garam Masala magic transforms a lot of boring to a lot of taste fun.

cookiecrumb said...

El: Oh, what a great idea. And guess what... I'm eating wheat again. No celiac. I eliminated alcohol, and my whole digestive thing improved.
Samosa, yes. :)

Zoomie: It is special. We are still talking about it a day later.

Zoomie said...

Wow, do you think you have an allergy to alcohol? Glad you are feeling better - that was a nasty bout!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Allergy? No. Just a problem with stomach acid.