Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fried Mortadella Sandwich

Never had a fried bologna sandwich.
Never wanted one.
Then, I wanted one. Because I would do it right. Good bread, good meat, good technique.
That sounds really braggy.
Anyway, I used thin slices of mortadella, four per sandwich. It wasn't enough. You want a pile. Sizzle them in some fat, bunched up like rosebuds, until they brown here and there. We used Fra' Mani mortadella, which is local and very nice. We happen to have two more sources of local, artisan mortadella in these parts (one stack in the fridge, even as we speak), so I plan on nailing this sandwich. I will try again.
OK, spread a thin layer of decent mustard on one slice of bread, and a thin layer of mayo on the other (these are now the insides). Thick it up if you want; this is junk food with superior ingredients, and only abject overdo-ness will ruin your sammie.
Pull the sizzled rosebuds of meat from the frying pan and heap them evenly over one slice of bread. Top with the other slice and place the sandwich in the greasy skillet; grill on both sides, aiming for a golden brown crust. Nothing's gonna melt in there, so just let it go as long as you can stand.
You could embellish with slices of cheese, lettuce or tomatoes. Sheesh. That sounds like a lunchbox sandwich from 1959, and, no. Let's keep it pure meat and bread.
Remove the sandwich with a spatula, cut the sandwich artistically, and decorate with basil flowers.
Take picture, snort a couple of chuckles, and then ditch the basil flowers. Don't wanna eat the flowers.
Should I be morta-fried? I'm not.


Elizabeth said...

Basil flowers are delicious! Try adding them to a salad, along with the blossoms from your rosemary, thyme, and borage plants. Are you still GF? If so, where'd you get the bread? It looks lovely. I plan on trying this sandwich soon. Though in my mind it needs - something. Not sure what. Maybe a thin layer of some sharp chutney-like paste/spread on the other side? Something that would go with mustard, that is.

And I am very curious about "the sausage" ...

Kevin said...

This is a popular sandwich in Sao Paulo (like the Cubano in Miami and the Mufaletta in New Orleans). The mortadella is grilled and the cheese is typically provolone. It's usually served on a bun.

The Spiteful Chef said...

I, too, plan on nailing that sandwich, but perhaps not in the way you're describing. Looks fantastic.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I would not say no to this sandwich.

Hungry Dog said...

This post really made me laugh. And hungry. Especially those pickles.

Chilebrown said...

Only you can make a bologna sandwich sound good. Thats no Bologna.

cookiecrumb said...

Elizabeth: Let me hasten to assure you that I devour all my herb flowers. Don't have borage, eek.
I've gone back to eating gluten, BTW. It's fine. Whew.
I like your idea of a chutney flavor. Jeez, I like that.

Oh, the sausage. We're buying charcuterie from Boccalone at the farmers market. They sell a gorgeous breakfast link fragrant with orange rind, called Easton's, named for Chris Cosentino's great-grandma.

Kevin: I'm so glad you know that! I'm seriously considering cheese for the next time. It would be guuuud.

Spitey: You have no idea in what manner I do the nailing, in the privacy of my home. I'm ready for another one, now.

Denise: It needs developing. I had to go streamlined the first time, just to get my bearings. Now, embellish.

Dog: The pickles are the best! The brand is Best Yet, from Keene, NH since 1883. Worth looking for.

Chilebrown: I guess I eat meat!

namastenancy said...

That sandwich is not a piece of baloney and I sure wouldn't say no to it either.

Rev. Biggles said...

Yeah! You go, that's awesome. I had lunch, I feel better. I don't look any better, but I feel better.

xo, Biggles

Greg said...

Say yes to the sandwich. My bologna has a first'FRA MANI

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: It's really tasty meat. Bologna with a PhD.

Biggles: You had lunch? That's always good. I had lunch.

Greg: You crack me UP! Oscar.

Marie said...

Fried mortadella!! I'm going to remember this tidbit you shared with us for the colder months!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'd eat it, so long as you didn't say bologna! Bologna sounds like something you remove from your nasal passages. Eerk.
Eat the flowers next time, they taste like basil!

cookiecrumb said...

Marie: It's a tasty meat morsel all year 'round. You can snack on it straight from the fridge.

Mouse: I know you have sensitivities. Just call it mortadella. We have a charcutier here who is so damn wacky, he makes hot dogs from his mortadella recipe. Yowr!
(My sensitivity -- not crazy about basil, though it does have its uses.)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Basil left on the kitchen bench all day smells like cat wee you know :)

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Cat wee. Old basil and unsuccessful orange perfume. :(
I have a decent orange perfume, but it only lasts two hours.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Also any perfume by Oscar de la Renta :(

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: You like Marc Jacobs?