Friday, July 02, 2010

Popsicle Weather

I've had these popsicles in the freezer for weeks! We ate three of them when they were first made, despite the horrendously cool climate. We let the rest wait for sunnier days.
I think we're there.
All right, first of all, you do realize that homemade popsicles are the new cupcake? The new salted caramels? The new (insert sweet trend here)? Get yourself some molds and get creative.
These molds came from an expensive store. Cranky came home with this large, snooty shopping bag, and I nearly fainted. Then I looked inside and had to laugh. He had surely bought the best bargain at this emporium of ostentation.
For our initial attempt, we used the tried, true and familiar: orange juice from the tree, and buttermilk from the fridge. I sweetened the buttermilk a little, and poured it in first, about halfway. I could have frozen it at this point to keep the liquids from mixing, but I wanted the marbled look. So I just poured in that fantastic orange juice on top.
The popsicle kit comes with a stand that holds the molds in an upright position while they freeze. The handle that holds the popsicle is on an axis with the stick that goes inside to anchor it all. And, the "lid" (when you put it on in the vertical orientation, it caps the pops) is also a drip catcher when you devour the thing!
You'll want to experiment with flavors. I know some of you don't like creamsicles or even oranges in general. Too bad, but you're free to jigger your own recipe. Here are some ideas. Keep it simple, and brilliant (of course).
But do it.


Kailyn said...

Hmmm. Somewhere around here I have popsicle molds that I bought a few years ago at a not so fancy store. I remember when I was a kid, my mom had the Tupperware ones that I'd fill with fruit juice and chinks of fruit. Iced tea with pineapple chunks was kind of interesting.

Zoomie said...

We have a promise of popsicle weather here today and all weekend. I will imagine you two on your patio with your feet up, savoring your popsicles.

kudzu said...

Terrific idea! Let me know it you can work out banana popsicles. They were my favorites when I was little: I spent my nickel-a-day treat allowance on them. I'm sure they had almost no real banana in them, just the "flavor"; they were pale yellow and cold and sweet.

I'm thinking that fruit teas would also make good bases.

Greg said...

Perfect summer treat!

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: That is a fantastic idea -- iced tea, frozen. Thanks. My mind is churning.

Zoomie: Feet up is correct! You been spying?

Kudzu: I remember banana popsicles, but there were no real bananas in them. It would be SO easy to do a frozen banana pop. Have you heard of the One Single Ingredient recipe for banana ice cream?

Greg: I'm yearning for hot weather so I can keep experimenting.