Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Don't Know How You Could Not Eat This

It was at least a week ago, maybe two, when @derricks tweeted his simple, homely, lovely dinner of potato salad with bacon and green beans.
OK, wait, right? You have NEVER thought of this meal. I know I hadn't.
I didn't need a recipe, I just needed hot water and vinegar. Oh, it gets better: the dressing is made with red wine vinegar and Bacon Grease!
Should I have cut the potato chunks smaller? Were the beans supposed to be in tinier slices?
Who cares?
This was manly salad. If such a thing exists. Ernest Hemingway would have loved it (but I think he had a "closet" problem, yome sane?). Salad for all. Heh.
I liked my manly girlie salad.


Zoomie said...

Y'know, I think even MB would love that - kinda meaty without the meat. Gonna try it while the weather is still effing COLD!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Spuds, my favourite fruits ;)
I love all forms of potato salad, the simple, the elegant, the heart-attack on a spoon version.
Thank goodness supds aren't wheat eh?!

Greg said...

It is sort of a Nicoise...but the use of bacon grease takes it to a level of greatness!

Rev. Biggles said...

Oh yeah baby !!! Now you're talkin'.

I'll go back to my regularly scheduled trail mix.

xo, Biggles

namastenancy said...

The bacon and vinegar are standard in German potato salad which I used to make on a regular basis, before I started watching carbs (boo hoo!). But adding green beans - now that's the mark of genius. Maybe if I add a LOT of green beans and a tiny bit of to experiment now. Thanks again for such a good idea.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: It's quite edible by the Y-chromosome set. You could even eat it while it's still hot.
Mouse: (I sneak wheat now and then. I ain't dead.) But yeah, I lurves potato salad, all types. We got a batch of tiny pearlescent pink spud babies today.

Greg: Brilliant! Next time, egg, tomato. Sardine?

Nancy: It's a great idea. You could oomph up the beans and still have a lovely bowlful.

Biggles: You never ate trail mix. Obama eats trail mix; not you.

kudzu said...

That's real Southern. Yum. (The beans would have been cooked longer, though, and they would have been snapped.)

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Ha ha! You could tell how long the beans had cooked by their color? These were "tender crisp."
And "snapped." Does that mean flicked in half?

kudzu said...

Yep -- and "tailed". When my granddaughter came out from NYC as a little girl I had her help me get some beans ready for dinner. The next time she arrive in MV she walked in the door and said, "Can I help you snap some beans?"

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Tailed. I guess that would be "tidying up."
Your granddaughter is a joy. Kids love doing things with food that they can actually carry out. (And I bet she loved the beans, too.)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Tiny pearlescent pink spud babies? A picture perchance?

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: I'll try to get an arty shot. They deserve it.