Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Feliz el Stinko

We wanted something celebratory. But the Cinco de Mayo is about as fake a holiday as there is. So fake food would suffice.
We started by thinking we'd want some goopy, corny, traditional meal. Fish tacos. Chilaquiles. Nachos.
WAIT. How traditional are those dishes? Fakey. Don't answer, I don't want to be enlightened. Fake is fine, but we didn't want godawful.
So here's the deal. We wanted Mexican flavors, in a somewhat Mexican format. But we wanted freedom. ¡Libertad!
A simple quesadilla came to mind. It would be embellished. Tainted. Gringo-ed. (It's known as "nouveau.")
Saute some maitake mushrooms with sliced scallions in olive oil. Remove from pan. Lay in two flour tortillas, folded in halves. Line the bottom half of each with grated cheese. Add back the scallions and mushrooms. Cook until pretty goldy-brown spots appear, and then flip with tongs, until pretty goldy-brown spots appear.
NOW! Serve, topped with cooked black beans, some Martian salsa (tomatoes are not ripe in this hemisphere yet, though our plants are going in the ground tomorrow), sliced avocados, and cilantro leaves.
It was crybaby good. I'm still crying.
This was dessert. Hot. Hot. Hot.


hanne said...

Those beans! Like black pearls! Onyx beads! Jet drops!

(Something black and precious anyway.)

The only thing I don't like about your food photography is that I can't reach through the screen and touch/smell/taste...

Greg said...

El Stinko! ;) you funny. They dish however is manifico.

cookiecrumb said...

Hanne: Such poignant poetry! Thanks for the lovely words.

Greg: Ya know, I'd never made a quesadilla with beans before now. I rather liked it! Kind of nutritiony.

Zoomie said...

Another fun tag line and another super photo. I'm getting jealous.