Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breakfasto de Nosotros, Gringo Style

It's nothing special, but it amazed me that we had everything in the house to make huevos rancheros for a weekend brunch. I don't know if there is a strict formula for the dish, so we wung it, based on memories of restaurant meals. You might find it imperfect in presentation.
You would probably like it anyway.
I won't apologize for having deli-counter Spanish rice and prepared black beans in the fridge; it was an emergency (of yore; there were leftovers).
The salsa is likewise store-bought, perfectly flavored but made with tomatoes imported from the moon.
Closer to home, the organic avocado is from somewhere in California. The cilantro is local, as are the red onion and the eggs. Corn tortillas? Local company; don't know the provenance of their grain.
It came together really fast. No fusty, clumpy mise-en-place excruciation. Well, a little. Fast excruciation.
Languid consumption, however. I ate until my food got cold, and then kept eating.


Kalyn said...

Stunning photo. It makes me want to reach in and take a bite!

Zoomie said...

Funny, isn't it, to think that if we were living naturally, eggs would only be available at this time of year and would be as much of a treat as asparagus or tomatoes in summer?

Greg said...

Looks perfect to me. With only a bit of excruciation, got to love that!

Hungry Dog said...

Mmm...spanish rice! Looks like a perfect weekend brunch without leaving the house!

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: This was the only one in the batch that was in focus! But it was taken in ambient light, so I'm pretty happy with it too. Thank you.

Zoomie: If I were living naturally, I'd get my eggs from Marin Sun Farms or Soul Food, where you can usually get eggs year-round, though not in their springlike profusion. (Ooh! You reminded me I have asparagus in the fridge.)

Greg: Only a bit! Thankee.

Dog: Amazing what you can scrape together. It was either this or fried rice. :D

Anonymous said...

Desayuno? Looks killer.

cookiecrumb said...

AML: Si, si! That's the palabra!
If your initials were rearranged to ALM, it would stand for Audio Lingual Method, the maker of the first Spanish book I used. A long time ago, obviously.

Lannae said...

Next time I am in the Bay Area, I am looking you up to make this breakfast for me! Wow, does it look good!

cookiecrumb said...

Lannae: But of course! A la casa nuestra. xx