Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need. Pretty. Food.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean your food can't look like spring. Bright, contrasting colors that the eye seems to crave during these dark days. And, yes, it is winter food. But pretty. And heartening.
This is nothing more than a braise/fry-up of delicata squash, cooked beans (plus a little bean water), shallots and spinach. Seasonings as you like. Add the items to the pan in order of how long they'll need the heat.
I find myself looking at my cooking vessels and wondering what they want cooked in them. Really. I have several shapes and configurations, and it gives me naughty pleasure to single out one or another for something special that belongs only in that dish. A swanky ceramic casserole with a lid. A sleek iron pot with a lid. Clever little individual ramekins.
And then I just ended up using a skillet.


Hungry Dog said...

This looks very pretty.

I have some special single-use type pans and pots too but I almost always use the same saute pan or dutch oven. Same with knives. Have lots of different ones but one favorite. Oh well.

cookiecrumb said...

Hungry Dog: Totally! I could live with just my Dutch oven alone; it subs as a good skillet with high sides. And one knife. Desert island cooking. What's on your iFood?

Zoomie said...


dancingmorganmouse said...

Pretty, but if I'm honest I'd have to say Zoomie wins the pretty prize with those watermelon radishes.
You are not alone with the cooking vessels, I own heaps, but generally use a couple of pots n pans on high rotation.
I need more than 1 knife though, at least 3!

Greg said...

Pretty and healthy.Would look nice next to a steak. ;)I steamed some fish last night with shallots and ginger. Must be a healthy thing going around.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Thank you.

Mouse: Those certainly are pretty radishes.
One of my Staub pots is screaming "sukiyaki" at me. Screaming.

Greg: Yeah, I guess we're slogging out of our winter cave.

namastenancy said...

Er...I hate to ask but are you saying that your cooking pots talk to you? It's OK, really. After all this is California and you DO live in Marin County but maybe you'd better rethink that post?
However, the photo is pretty but Zoomie's radish roses are almost too beautiful to eat.
I made some cabbage/green apple braise today and it turned out a dull dark red. Not pretty. Bummer.

Rev. Biggles said...

Needs hunk of fried chicken.

xo, Biggles

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: Too bad your cabbage came out dull. It seems to be susceptible to acidity changes; wonder if that might have been the problem.
Anyway. OK, Zoomie's radishes were the prettiest, but I got nourished with real, healthy, hippie food.
And the pots do talk. Some of 'em scream. ;)

Biggles: I sometimes have trouble swallowing meat. Ain't that a hoot?

Lindsey said...

I loved this post. I almost named my blog "I Cook Pretty".... I plan to stay tuned in.

cookiecrumb said...

Lindsey: How sweet! Do you know about the Cute Food blog? I don't have the link, but it's all Japanese fun things.
Heading over to check you out. xx