Saturday, November 14, 2009

When Soup Goes Not-So-Pretty

Oh, it was pretty enough, I suppose.
And this cropped close-up gives you just a hint of its overall complexion.
When I say complexion, I mean gobs of chopped dino kale floating like kelp in the Sargasso Sea, if the Sargasso sea were made of pureed roasted sweet potatoes, vegetable broth, tofu and a squirt of lemon. Salt, too. Sort of like looking at a pumpkin with a bad skin condition.
But wow, such superfood. Your deep orange component, your deep green component, and your pale soy mush component.
It was tasty, but we probably won't make it again.
I prefer eating roasted sweet potatoes straight from the oven smeared with butter, and I like my dino kale like I like my seaweed salad: once in a while.
Damn, seaweed again.


SallyBR said...

As they say... it was worth a try :-)

I made plenty of butternut squash soup, but never sweet potato, I like mine like you do, roasted, or mashed with some ginger and the usual suspects

denise said...

You won't make it again? Really? It looks so good. I've been such a kale addict lately. I better be careful or I'll soon be kicking it to the curb due to overindulgence.

namastenancy said...

I just came from Zoomie's blog where she was writing about pecan pie. Have you ever had roasted sweet potatoes with a topping of roasted pecans? When I get a yearning for pie but don't want the calories, this is my compromise. These days I think I like it better because I can't digest rich food like I used to. The brains may be accruing wisdom as I age but ye oldie digestion is not what it used to be.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Love seaweed, love sweet potato soup, never tried the combo, I may well now, it looks lovely.

cookiecrumb said...

Sally: Dog pix soon, I promise! We are deep into training, and a bit sleepless. She never sits still.
Anyway, this was the first time I've used sweet potato in soup. I would do this again, but probably without the greens.

Denise: Yeah, it was a little bit creepy. The texture contrast between the creamy potato soup and the chewy, ruffly bits of greens kinda turned me off. I think it's remediable; I just need to tinker with chopping sizes and liquidity. :D

Nancy: Wow. Sweet potatoes with pecans is like dessert without added sugar and cream (just my style!). Hybrid food. What a great idea.

Mouse: You thought it looked lovely? Ooh. Thanks. It was a conceptual conception that I was a little less than proud of at its birth. But. I never KNEW there was sweet potato soup. I thought I made it up. (But everybody already made everything up.)

Zoomie said...

You might try lacinato kale next time, if it was a texture thing that turned you off? And puppies! Cutest little pains in the ass that exist on earth, especially with those Jack Russell genes. She'll settle down, however, in time. Is she still too young to take to the dog park to work off some of that extra energy?

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Lacinato kale is another name for dino(saur) kale. The texture is lovely. It was just incongruous in a creamy, custardy soup. I'll work on it. I will gladly eat the kale separately, and when I get the soup right, I will feed you some. :)
PUPPY -- she's actually showing demonstrable signs of development. Whew. We had a hard day, but leash training has begun, and limited floor time is now allowed. She has pretty good knowledge of "wait," "sit" and (my favorite) "walk with me" (which is "heel"). YAY. Tomorrow is her four-week anniversary here.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Forgot to add, she's too young for the dog parks. Hasn't had rabies shot yet. But -- remember our backyard? She burns off enough energy for a herd of elephants. Now we just gotta introduce her to some doggies.

Zoomie said...

How about getting her a wheel to exercise in that also generates power for your freezer? Green, green.