Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fair Weather Friend

We've spent a lot, a LOT, of time on the patio with the new puppy. It seems the safest way to house train her: you pee outdoors, dammit, only! (And the behaviorist at the humane society agreed: prevention is the best policy.)
Luckily, the weather has been fabulous. Fabulous. So we sit out there with our newspapers and books and meals, and the puppy figures out life. Today she figured out we have a huge, loud hound living next door. She hasn't been the same ever since (and I think it's wonderful that she's attracted to dogs, instead of shy).
We've learned to tire her out with chasing and fetching. She's absolutely smitten by her personal, solo explorations of the yard. She loves to come running when we call, because there's usually a half of a dog cookie as a reward. It's working out well.
Oh. And she doesn't beg for human food. I don't know why. She's interested in meat if we're eating it, but that's seldom.
Today she completely ignored the artichokes with a dip of hummus liberally dribbled with good olive oil.
Fine! More for us.


Kailyn said...

Glad to hear that things are going so fabulously with Bartlett. And while I love animals, it really bugs me when they beg for my food.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Comes when she's called, that's excellent, the most important lesson a puppy can learn. That and "STAY". Wish our neighbours could be arsed to teach their doggies those simple commands.
(Kitties don't need to be house trained, they just 'know' to use the tray, it's like magic. I think their mummies teach them.)

Kalyn said...

That "other" Kalyn (Kailyn) really threw me for a minute. I thought I was getting so forgetful I couldn't even remember when I'd left comments!

So nice to hear that you're having fun with the new dog.

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: All credit to you for turning me on to hummus with artichokes. It really makes a meal, with the protein 'n' stuff!

Mouse: We had trouble with "COME" with our last dog; probably didn't bribe him enough with cookies. Agree, "STAY" is valuable, even life-saving.

Kalyn: Well, you were Kalyn first, and always will be.
New dog -- like coming out of retirement and getting a new job!

namastenancy said...

Happiness - comes with a puppy! Or, even other things like today's post in "As Time Goes By."

Zoomie said...

I like "wait" as a softer version of "stay", too. Cora knows that means she can move around _after_ I get through the door, or that she can come with me in the car if she will just wait for me to get the door open and the backseat ready. She waits nicely now, but is spring-loaded in the "go" position!

Dogs who beg at the table drive me nuts; guests who teach my dogs to beg at the table by feeding them earn my wrath.

EB of SpiceDish said...

I'm so happy you're enjoying Bartlett so much.

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: Thanks for that.

Zoomie: "WAIT" was my personal favorite command with Bean Sprout. He understood it perfectly (and it showed him WE were the Alpha Dog, not him). Bartlett already waits at the doorway, but we haven't been able to convince her that sometimes we'd like it to mean "stop dead in your tracks."

EB: Whew, though, you know? Lotta work, and -- there are still accidents. That's what washing machines are for.

Zoomie said...

About the accidents - she's still pretty young and may not be able to hold it. Also, some dogs pee in submission. Confining her to a small area, so she can't get away if she has an accident will play to her instinct not to soil when she can't move away from it. I used a puppy box for my last puppy (for when she took a nap as she often had an accident upon waking before I could get her out) and it worked well until she was older and could contain it better.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: You're right about her probably being too young to control her bladder, but she's doing a great job. We DO crate train her. She sleeps (almost through the night) in a soft crate on the bed between us. It's dark and comforting (and too small to soil). Daytimes, she's either in her playpen, her day crate, or outdoors. She gets "floor time" when we're positive she's empty for the time being.

Lannae said...

Wow, how fun it is to read about your puppy!

Greg said...

Seriously cool dog!

seantimberlake said...

Everyone's talking about Bartlett but no one is fawning over your gorgeous hummus!

cookiecrumb said...

Sean: I know, but that's fine. We didn't make the hummus anyway. I was most proud of the photo of the shadow!
Damn dog. :D