Monday, August 24, 2009

I Say To-MAH-To

Well, I do now. I do, now that I have this adorable English tomahto mug, brought back to the States for me by Sam because she is a swell friend and she knows I'm a tomato ranchin' bum (which means ass in British, but I mean "hobo"). And because Sam knew there would be a load of produce in exchange for her darling gift.
It so happens I'm in the midst of a tomato juice binge. For the past two years, I made small batches of homegrown tomato juice; I haven't harvested enough tomatoes yet this year to run through the food mill. But I will. And they will be pronounced tomahto.
So for this photo, I contrived to turn the mug around with the handle to the left (both drinking sides, left- or right-handed, are beautifully sculpted into the shape of a smile; makes me smile), so you could see the traces of (commercial) tomato juice inside.
The message on the side of the mug says "tasty tomatoes growing in the garden".
I'd say it's spelled wrong... but they know how to pronounce it over there in England.
It's tomahto.
Thanks, Sam.


Zoomie said...

Fun and perfect for you!

limoncello said...

What a great mug!
Tomatoes are one of the few things I like about summer. Especially since discovering Tyler Florence's recipe for roasted tomato soup...delicious!

ChrisB said...

Sam told me she had visited you and that she came home with some of your lovely produce.

Monkey Gland said... SE London speak.

dancingmorganmouse said...


cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I don't think I'll be able to drink tea from it. It is forever the tomahto mug.

Limoncello: Oh, another summer-hater, eh? Brr, I've been freezing all day; you're probably doing the happy dance.
I think I'll have to locate Tyler's recipe. I usually roast my tomatoes anyway, for freezing, so I could probably wing it. :)

ChrisB: I hope Sam delivered a hug to you from me. Bean Sprout was on his very best behavior, and his hair was so neatly trimmed... Wish you could have been here.

Monkey Gland: I can picture that. Oy'd loik a pahnd's wuth of tomartas. (How'm I doing?)

Mouse: I'm practicing, I'm practicing! It sounds... pretty.

Sam said...

I am happy the mug got a blog post all of its own, but I swear I didn't bring it just to get produce, 'onest guv, it never crossed my mind. I simply saw it and had to get it for you and that was that.
That said - the produce is delicious and I am enjoying it very much, thank you. The pears were on their way to being a blog post, but I had an accident with the broiler. [grill]. See facebook for the photo.

kudzu said...

Ah, pronunciation! Had a spirited set-to with an Indian friend who cannot for the life of her understand WHY we Americans say "herb" with the H instead of "erb". I have no concrete answer for that, but have to say "To each 'er own."

Tomato report: I have a total of ten tomatoes on three plants, thanks to this summer's weird growing conditions. I won't begin to estimate how much each of them cost.

namastenancy said...

Fresh tomatoes with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and some fresh basil - the essence of California summer.

kudzu said...

Whoops, my dear! That was supposed to read "why we Americans d-o-n-'t say herb with the H", of course.

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Oops. There will be more pears if you need them for the next two weeks! (I have a broiling idea, too.)
Thanks again for the charming giftie. Glad you're home.

Kudzu: I was waiting for your correction. Heh heh. Yup, we think the "H" is dirty. I knew an English woman whose husband (American) was named Herb. She pronounced it just like she did those little dried leaves she used in cooking - HUB.

Sweet Bird said...

I am jealous of your mug.

Chilebrown said...

You say laughter and I say larfter, You say after and I say arfter
Laughter, larfter after arfter, Let's call the whole thing off,

You crack me up!

cookiecrumb said...

Birdie: I Googled this mug; it didn't turn up anywhere. I have a unique thing! You should be jealous. xx

Chilebrown: How do you pronounce avocado? Potato? Laredo? Colorado?

Monkey Gland said...

Hahaha, we'll make a cockney of you yet!