Monday, August 17, 2009

Chicken Goozle for the Soul

Cranky and I had this idea of roasting a chicken over a bed of partially cooked white beans. The drippings from the chicken would meld with the beans and create the most amazing dish.
Well, the drippings did drip. I think a little melding occurred.
But the best part was the goozle: the animal juice and collagen that spilled out of the bird, onto the beans, and down though the clay cooker onto the bottom of the pot.
When it came time to eat the chicken and beans... eh. Chicken was tough (and this was the storied Soul Food chicken! Damn.). Beans were fine.
But when it came time to refrigerate the leftovers, we separated the goozle from the beans. The chicken was separated from bones and went into the freezer; the bones yielded chicken stock. Not very good stock; all the goozle was in the beans, then separated and saved.
Goozle! We stored the goozle for a day or so, and then created a totally phony miso soup. I cracked a couple of spaghetti sticks in half, cooked them, and added them to hot goozle, with chopped scallions and cubes of excellent tofu.
It was not miso, no. But it was beany, chickeny, collageny, goozly, and very, very tasty.
Still got beans and chicken to deal with. Wish I could buy goozle.


Anonymous said...

Goozle! Love that.

Is that your lovely fennel adorning the plate, or is it dill?

(fwiw, sometimes, birds are just tough. I still can't figure it out. Even if you raise your own it's still a...henshoot. Or something.)

the sandwich life said...

oh man....I wasn't in the mood to cook the chicken I have but now I REALLY want the goozle....

EB of SpiceDish said...

Goozle is officially my new favorite word. Gozzle.

dancingmorganmouse said...

I used some chicken goozle just last night - I mixed the cat's pulverised blood pressure pill into some and wiped it on her whiskers.
(all together now) A dribble of goozle makes the medicine go down!

cookiecrumb said...

Fast: We are experimenting with a viral transmission of the word. To give credit, goozle is Zoomie's invention, from Zoomie Station. Mmm.
A henshoot! Ha ha. Good, crappy fun.

Sandwich: I know. Isn't it nice when something totally turns your appetite on? Use the chicken for what it's good for... goozle.

EB: Viral! Goozle.

Mouse: Ah, goozle has many uses. I would swallow a pulverized blood pressure pill if you wiped it on my whiskers with goozle. xx

J-in-Wales said...

It's known as stuffie in our family, as christened by my little sis at the age of about 8.
And it could very possibly be the very best part of a roast. Or at least runs a rather close second to the burny, crispy, nummy bits on the outside.

Greg said...

Goozle = smaltz yes?

peter said...

The goozle is the best part. Shred the chicken and cook it again with beans and goozle- nice and low, with fennel and herbs and wine and stuff. Goozlicious. Make broth from the carcass- it's like second-generation goozle, or goozle once removed.

I feel like A.A. Milne.

Rev. Biggles said...

Whah happen to the chicky you think? Need higher temp? Those chickens ain't cheap!


Zoomie said...

That's a magazine-worthy photo, m'dear. It even makes the chicken look tender. :-)

cookiecrumb said...

J-in-Wales: "Stuffie." That works for me. Your sister was prescient at that tender age; I was all about the burnt, crispy pieces then myself.

Greg: No, goozle is the gelatine-rich animal juice that jells when you refrigerate it. No fat. Our goozle was mixed with bean-cooking liquid, so it went pretty far (and was still jelled).

Peter: We're feeling uncharitable about the chicken, after giving it a gentle bath on the stovetop. Still tough. It's in the freezer, awaiting an unglamorous fate.
The beans and carcass broth made a killer pureed bean soup yesterday. I can hardly look at food yet.

Biggles: First of all, and you know this, I am a TERRIBLE chicken roaster. I never get a brown, crisp skin. I've always had good luck with the Romertopf, but this was not good. I blame the chicken (the prissy, expensive boutique chicken).

Zoomie: Well, that was a couple of slices of moist breast so it did look pretty. But stringy, once you got your teeth into it! Ack. I can't believe I failed to douse the beans with goozle before I took the picture, because I sure did douse them later. :)

El: It's a parsley head gone to tender, green seeds. I might freeze them; they're tasty!

Rev. Biggles said...

I think I should come over and we could roast a chicken or two together with Schlitz.

See, when meat is steamed a little too much it gets rubbery. Asian artisans have perfected the art, but when we settle down, it doesn't always come out tasty. I stopped adding root vegetables to my meat roasting due only to the fact it added too much moisture and steamed, no browning, my meats. If you're going to steam, you need to pull when done. Or, pull after it passes the rubbery state, ain't easy.

I was off to my local latin butcher yesterday for pork chops. But the chickens looked so perfect, so creamy wonderful I had to have one. But it was huge, 5 lbs plus. I jacked the oven to 450 and pulled out my standard cast iron fry pan with a trivet. Nope, didn't fit. Had to get out my 13" wide cast iron and use that. The huge bird did 1.5 hours at 450 only covered carefully with kosher salt. The smells, the flavors were absolutely more than unctuous. After seeing how much chicken fat was left after the roasting I decided to use it all for a milk based gravy with shallots.

Served with brown rice it caused the boys and I to absolutely dive forth. Huge, rich, wonderful chickenny flavors that delighted. I'm still enamored.


cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: I'm a fool. That's so obvious, the moisture. Thanks for the lesson. I'm going to try it the Julia Child way next time. Butter and heat, nothing else.
One and a half hours? But yeah, that was a big bird. Don't your boys like mashed potatoes?
Schlitz = No-no. Off that stuff. Good for me, bad for BevMo.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

Allow me to share with you a dish I've bookmarked and made a few months ago. We both loved it, it goes more or less along the lines of your meal

(I like that blog very much too, lots of yummy dishes there)

cookiecrumb said...

Bewitching: Yow. I just spent several minutes browsing that recipe. It looks fantastic, and I'm bookmarking it too. Thanks!

Rev. Biggles said...

Butter and heat is excellent, der. I started doing just the kosher salt due to what it does with the skin. Dries it out and makes it crispy, makes the chickenny flavors come alive. What it does to the wings turns it in to a rich chicken candy with a crunch. Deeelightful.


cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: OK, I'm trying again. You come over. I'll get the bird. No Schlitz; well, you can have some. xx

Durf the Smurf said...

Dude,what the heck is goozle?I googled goozle just to see what it was but I didn't know I would get a response.Does anyone have a dictionary?I wonder what other things I could look up.So many words,so little time...Oh yeah,hi there.