Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Salad, Ha, Ha

I'm still here. I'm mad as hell, but there's nothing blogging is going to do to help out.
And I eat.
But nothing fancy.
The other day I razzed Heather for posting about the salad she had made. Salad.
But see, she's busy with other things. Like growing a baby inside her body. I imagine a lot of that's pretty passive work, but still, we forgive her for not banging out an entire feast for twelve, the way she has done in the past. (And there's still that pig roast coming up.)
Me? No excuse. Whatsoever.
Just passive. Lazy. Yearning for perfect weather, and instead getting the threat of rain.
Well, the eight little seedlings I planted in the garden yesterday morning would like the rain, so bring it on. (Or did Bush so irretrievably taint that phrase that we must retire it, along with the surname Hitler?)
Anyway. This "salad" is modeled on tabouleh, but it's made with brown rice. The rice adds a wonderful flavor. The onions, parsley and mint are from the yard. The tomatoes are hothouse from the market, and probably the cukes too.
What a maddening season.


The Italian Dish said...

You always make me laugh!

cookiecrumb said...

Italian Dish: Ohhh. Thank you. It was the "Hitler," wasn't it?

Zoomie said...

I could use a little more warmth and sunshine, too. Let's strike for better conditions.

limoncello said...

Rain! In June! All is giggly goodness.
Love that salad, CC. I am now 100% converted to Massa Organics for my home rice, and not because "it's good for you" -- white rice can't compare in flavor and texture. Tomorrow night I make the brown rice/tofu/veggie casserole. Better than the sum of its parts, promise.

peter said...

If I can't have one of those salads in the next half an hour, the terrorists have won.

dancingmorganmouse said...

it has been raining here for 3 solid f**king weeks, wish I could send some over for your seedlings.
O - we ate a rice & black bean salad-y thing last night, yummo!

Heather said...

Adolf is totally not on our baby name list anymore. THANKS A LOT, HITLER.

I'm begging for a little rain over here. I can't bear to start watering this early. My seedlings are big enough to stand up to a little neglect now, though.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Your blog is hilarious. I love it!
You made me laugh.
xoxo Nita

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I'm pretty much already working for no pay. What would a strike get me? I know: A corner office with very sunny windows. :)

Limoncello: The rain has been skimpy at best, but the skies are gloomy. I thought June Gloom was Southern California!
I can't wait to hear about your casserole. Tofu, heh. We have a tub of it in the fridge.

Peter: No, I win. I beheaded a baby Romaine for this salad.

Mouse: Well, it IS almost winter where you are...
Your hippie supper sounds great.

Heather: Have you considered Eva or Leni if it's a girl? Take care, you. I'm rooting for the parasite!!

RTH: Ohhh! You made me smile. Thanks.

Greg said...

How do you get the brown rice to come out all nice and separate?

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: Use Massa Organics brown rice. Get a bag or two at the Marin market. It cooks up so nice.
Our trusty fuzzy-logic automatic rice cooker seems to fail on the brown rice setting, so we do it the old-fashioned way on the stovetop. It takes longer than white rice; you know that. But it's ultra tender and really tasty. When it has absorbed all the water, keep the lid on with the heat off; give it a fluffy stir; let it sit.... Magic.

limoncello said...

Yea, the June "rain" was a bust after all. Big disappointment for me, the drizzly-grey girl.

Also, the Thursday potluck was canceled, so I didn't make the brown rice/tofu casserole. But I've made it many a-time, and I SWEAR, it's really good. Would it help if I told you it contains CHEESE? What's not better with cheese?

Greg, every macrobiotic, vegan, or brown rice militant will be protesting outside my home, but I'll tell you the awful truth: if you want that "all nice and separate" brown rice, there's only way to get it: Look at Massa Organics' website or Google "Brown Rice Saveur Magazine". There the mystery unfolds.

kudzu said...

Even after a rice diet over the last couple of days (for comfort, not for weight loss) your salad appeals -- mainly because your heartier brown rice must be so much tastier than the white variety in my cupboard. If I didn't have a deadline today I would be off to the MCFM for a supply. It's on my list, now.

Zoomie said...

Read about your ranch dressing on "Gluten Free Girl." Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

It's gloomy outside right now so we may just get that June rain. Figures I'd want to be outside in the sun today....grumble...

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: I have a back-up sack of rice for you. Just say the word.
Yes, that stuff is tasty without being weird in your mouth. Food you really want. Whole grain!

Zoomie: Yeah! Pretty cool of Shauna. Alas, ranch dressing is "off the table" for now, until I decide whether I can have buttermilk again. Maybe just a leetle?

HKYDiva: Yep, grumble... This is supposed to be JUNE, people! OTOH, as long as it's not actively precipitating, it's good weather for weeding. (And here I sit, in front of the computer.)

Jackie said...

Oh! That looks so delicious!!!!*scrounges in cupboards for something even remotely as appetizing as the food on your blog finding NOTHING*
And you make me giggle...:) Food and fun! Fabulous!!

cookiecrumb said...

Jackie: Yow, merci for the compliments. BTW, the food we make at home is unbelievably simple. It's just a matter of having good stuff on hand. As the farmer said, "It grew. Most of the work is done. You just have to eat it."