Saturday, May 09, 2009

Frontgrounding Meat

I got in trouble the other day for backgrounding meat.
Of course, my tormentor was a meat magician.
He knows I often pad my diet with plants.
Still, he expects me to eat muscle now and then.
Today was one of those days.
A small, cozy gathering of fellow bloggers and fressers gathered at Meathenge Labs for a smoke-a-thon. I still stink, but so good.
Chicken, sausage, tri-tip, bacon, pork ribs. Lamb sliders! Oh, hell, even the asparagus was smoked.
I did sneak a little potato salad and guacamole, but the main message was meat.
Can you imagine juicy, dripping-juicy, smoked chicken?
Still licking my fingers.


Kalyn said...

Sounds like such a fun time! I truly hope someday I can manage to be in town at the right time for one of those!

Zoomie said...

So, what's a fresser?

Fun to see you two yesterday and introduce the huge and adorable Cora to you. :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: Here's the deal, Miss Smartypants. You tell me when you're coming, and I'll throw the party. You've already got so many Twitter friends here in the Bay Area.

Zoomie: Jayzuz! They got Google for that!! It means "eater," "trencherman."
LOVELY to see you. And to talk about "mawwiage." Which we didn't, but sort of.

Zoomie said...

I did Google it and saw it used in a zillion sentences, but nothing that revealed its meaning! So, thanks for enlightening me. May I come to the party you throw for Kalyn?

cookiecrumb said...

Zooms: Oh, faw! Of course you're invited. Wait till Kalyn finds out what we're planning.

Nerissa said...

*sigh* same coast but waaaaaay too far north to attend. I'm sure it was a wonderful place to be. I envy you the opportunity.

limoncello said...

Fun! Tasty! Sounds like a fine outing!

I have a question about smoked chicken, if anyone can help: there's a recipe in the RG cookbook that calls for smoked chicken, and I have to say that I'd never seen it in my life til I was at (forgive me) Bobby Flay's Bar Americain. It was very good, and I can see how smoked chicken would add to the bean dish, where? (I live in a city ap't with no deck, so I have limited DIY options.)


Rev. Biggles said...

OoOoOooO, can I did another hole in your lawn then?

Great time!

seantimberlake said...

I thought bacon WAS a vegetable

Sam said...

Kalyn usually stops by the Bay every year so you'll have to be talk and trousers ;)

You had a meatathon yesterday, I went to a cheeseathon. I had never seen so many varieties of cheese in one place.

All we need now is a cheese-meat-potato-athon.

Hmm. Sounds like one of Fred's tartiflettes.

cookiecrumb said...

Nerissa: Just come on down. I'm sure we can coordinate. You need some California sunshine, meat-style.

Limoncello: Dr. Biggles would be the best person to answer, but I don't really think there's much smoked chicken available commercially. You could schlep a Smokey Joe to Alamo Square and do a pretty good job... :( Oh, come on. That would be fun.

Biggie Smalls: OoOhooO, good time. Yes. Fun. Wow. We are planning on HIRING you to come back and dig a hole.

Sean: To vegetarians, bacon IS a vegetable. A gateway "vegetable."

Sam: I'll be talk and trousers!! I will. You're coming, too.
We did have a nice gathering. I'm jealous of the cheese conclave.
OK, theme for next party: Tartiflettes.

limoncello said...

Hey, I live across the street from Lafayette Square! Who'll provide the Smokey Joe?? (Though I have to say...Alamo Square is a lot more festive!: Who'll provide the Smokey Joe and the mini-van???)
Don't make me go back to New Braunfels, TX to fetch the bird!)

Greg said...

smoked meat!!!!!

Heather said...

I want to eat things from a smoke-a-thon. I think we're doing another pig roast this year for the husband's birthday, but this year I think we'll do smaller pigs and add some chickens and sausages for posterity. Dripping-juicy smoked chicken sounds amazing right now.

Zoomie said...

I see smoked chickens from time to time in Andronico's markets here in the East Bay. Or you can smoke one yourself if you have a Weber grill - just put one on a big cedar plank and let 'er rip for about an hour with the lid closed. Biggles' was better than I make but mine aren't bad.

cookiecrumb said...

Limoncello: I have a Smokey Joe. I don't know what the city regulations are for firing up a grill in parks, but... We could do this!

Greg: All boys like smoked meat.

Heather: Whose appetite is getting feisty? Great.
Promise me if you do a smoke-a-thon, make some andouille sausage. TDF. (todiefor)

Zoomie: Precisely. The Smokey Joe is a mini Weber. Might not even need the plank, but it would be so tasty.

Sweet Bird said...

You have now made me ridiculously hungry at nine o'clock at night.

Not cool, Zeus...

Rev. Biggles said...

Hey Limonchello,

I think I drive past you several times a day, maybe even 4.

You've had the good Dr. Rev. in your presence and not even known it! I'm the red bearded Norwegian axe murderer in a 15 year old corolla wagon.


Rev. Biggles said...

Hey Tia,

It's easy, you need to build yourself one of those stove-top smokers and turn on the exhaust fan. NO biggie.

Smoked chicken also makes a great garnish for chicken soup, smoked chicken soup. Yum.


cookiecrumb said...

Bird: That's a compliment. For a carnivore. :)

Biggles: She has an SO, but she'd love the smoke love. In SF; c'mon over, foo.