Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dirty Fingernails

We won't be planting our summer vegetable garden for a couple more weeks, but there are still a few surviving plants out there, and loads of weeding that needs to be done.
So, yes, I am gardening. I have dirt under my fingernails (which is nothing new, but this is real garden dirt, not just accumulated, unwashed crud).
The onions that reseeded themselves from last year's crop are going great guns. We also put in what we thought were some leeks last year, but all but one turned out to be chives or... well, I'm not sure yet. A couple of them have developed pink seed heads.
That one leek in the garden is getting bigger and bigger. If it survives our time away from home, I'm looking forward to something soupy and leeky later this month. (There's green garlic in the fridge; fingers crossed it lasts.)
This photo is the end of the broccoli. It is trying to go to seed, but to do so, it must go through the blooming stage. It has been a tight, beautiful gnarl for some days now; not sure if it knows what flowering means.
I guess I'll find out when we get back.
We take off Tuesday; I might get in another garden pic or two before then.


Judith-in-Wales said...

And what's the best way to clean up those fingernails? Why, make pastry, of course.
Just make sure it's wholemeal!!

cookiecrumb said...

Judith: LOL!! Ha ha.
Like a pliable loofah. And the pastry -- minerally enhanced! What a great idea. My lips are sealed.

Zoomie said...

Hope you're going somewhere fun. I can water the garden for you if you want - just let me know.

Anna Haight said...

oh, your flowers look purple! Just wait until you see the latest thing I tried with broccoli flowers.

dancingmorganmouse said...

I hope it's a fun trip, not an obligation trip, and you have beautiful brocci flowers on your return.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: We're headed to Top Gun land. You are sweet to offer to water... that would be a long trip for you. Fortunately, everything that's currently growing is stable, but big thanks!

Anna: I saw your post about making a salad with brocc flowers and mint. I had a huge bouquet of yellow cauliflowers, but this morning, Cranky dug everything up and composted it. :(

Mouse: We will return to a garden yearning to be planted. I hope the trip is fun, too.

Zoomie said...
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Zoomie said...

We might get some rain, too, wouldn't that be nice! Have a safe trip and hurry back - we'll all miss you.