Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Food Day!

There's a little spring chill in the air most days, but some afternoons it really does get warm enough for a chocolate ice cream sundae.
The ingredients are all local, except for the syrup.
You are looking at, from the bottom of the bowl up, a scoop of mashed potatoes squizzled with a drizzle of Bovril, and topped with a dollop of sour cream.
Even though this abomination was stagecrafted for the photo, we decided to taste it anyway after the shoot. Shoot! It was pretty tasty, even at room temperature.
So we heated up the remaining mashed potatoes for supper last night and dosed them with Bovril and sour cream, exactamundo. No need to get creative when you've inadvertently invented something good.
Would you believe that I'm not fooling if I say it was yummy?



Anna Haight said...

You are SO funny, and I'll bet this was good!

el said...

Okay, I made you google Balti and you made me google Bovril! That looks lovely: totally fooled me, mainly because of the lovely bowl.

Pigtown-Design said...

Hi... you should link to our April Food Day project to bring awareness about hunger in America.

Zoomie said...

Laughing! Only you two could dream up an "ice cream sundae" like this!

cookiecrumb said...

Anna: It was good. I prefer savory flavors to sweet anyway, so it was perfect.

El: I bet you gagged when you googled. If so, sorry. It's just a sort of beefy, yeasty syrup, like Marmite, which no doubt you have just learned.
I fooled you! Yes.

Pigtown: Yes, I have posted a link on the front page. Thanks.

Zoomie: Only us two? I thought art directors and food stylists used mashed potatoes for photos. So it wouldn't be melting. The rest was just natural for us. :D

Greg said...

bovril and smashed taters. my life is so confusing!

Judith-in-Wales said...

Brilliant. Totally had me fooled. I can see how it would work, though, even though I'm more of a Marmite gal myself.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: Do you even have a jar of bovril? You can get it at Scotty's.

Judith: Thanks for that! I took about 19 pictures, and only this one did the trick.
My first thought was to use Marmite. But Bovril is beefy, so we went with that. See, I'm a Yank. I have pots of BOTH in my pantry, and we had a choice.

Pigtown-Design said...

thanks so much!

(and i moved to the UK for a couple of years because of bush!)

ParentsDigest Digest (no, not a typo) said...

Had me going until I spotted the spoon. you guys are SICK.

cookiecrumb said...

Pigtown: I was eyeing Eire for a while meself... Welcome home. Glad to lend a hand to a worthy cause. I am a big supporter of our local food bank, because of our prolific fruit trees.

Pam: How did the spoon give it away? Too cheap an' plastic an' stuff? I'm going spoon shopping.
HI! You mean sick in a good way, of course.

kudzu said...

Too clever by half! Yummers.

ChrisB said...

Very clever CC, makes a great photo!

Zoomie said...

BTW, love that little dish with impressed flowers/stars on the points.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: You've heard about the fellow who was so captivated by his own sense of humor, he blurted, "I'm such a wit!" His friend answered, "You're half right."

Chris: And who knew it would actually be edible and tasty? Funny.

Zoomie: I think that might be Sandwich glass, from Cranky's family. He's out galivanting now, or I'd ask him. (It should really be holding peppermint candies.)

peter said...

Trompe langue. I love it. Captch is "bootine," which would totally have been a movie if only Pam Grier had been from Quebec.

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