Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nuts to Me

In the wake of the salmonella-poisoning scare from contaminated peanut products in Georgia and Texas, consumers are simply avoiding all peanut products everywhere. Well, not all consumers, but peanut butter sales are down 24%.
And I read that restaurants can hardly sell desserts these days made with anything that sounds like it might wear a monocle and top hat.
There was a news story the other day quoting some young mother who clearly wasn't paying attention when the TV was on. Shopping in a grocery store, she wheeled arrogantly past the peanut butter aisle, telling the reporter, "The news shows say don't buy it, and I won't."
The news didn't say that. What it did say is that peanut butter is safe for now, as far as we know.
Do we really need another economic debacle based on misinformation?
I decided to take action.
I bought a jar of Skippy. (Crunchy, because I know you want to know.)
I'm supporting the industry! My five bucks worth, Mr. Skippy.
(Quick aside: The first Skippy peanut butter processing plant was in Alameda, CA, right down the street from where I used to live. What a kids' dream!)
What am I going to do with this roasty goo? Cover your eyes if you're squeamish, and I know there are some mayonnaise haters out there...
I spread it on Stoned Wheat Thins. Smear mayonnaise over that. Then a few thin slices of sweet baby pickles on top.
Just call the dirtbag police now. I'm guilty.
So good.


BobbiBum said...

I remember in college sending in a certain number of empty cellophane peanut pkgs. and they sent back a Mr. Peanut piggybank.

cookiecrumb said...

BobbiBum: Dude, those things are eBay collectibles now. Heh.
(I forgot about those little salty, oily cellophane bags. Salty!)

Zoomie said...

Like so many of these "scares," the media don't report them accurately and the people don't listen. Good on you for buying some peanut butter!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful! I love the combination of crunchy peanut butter and mayonnaise. One of my favorite sandwiches: toasted bread (*must* be toasted), with crunchy peanut butter on one slice, mayo on the other, and a bunch of good crisp lettuce in between. Bacon optional but oh so good.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Hmmmm, I'm remembering my grandfather's peanut and honey sarnies, and gagging.

Traci said...

Oy. GAG! :)

Kevin said...

I love peanuts, but I've never liked peanut butter - go figure.

el said...

Wow, but you would've stepped completely off the deep end if it'd been Miracle Whip with your Skippy.

pea said...

wait...we were supposed to stop eating peanut butter?! what else is there to eat?

kudzu said...

Anyone who eats organic peanut butter need not worry about those food scares, and there are plenty of brands unaffected.

Big thing when I was a kid in Georgia was pouring a nickle bag (no, not that kind) into a small bottle of Coke for a special treat of salty drink and squishy peanuts. (Of course you had to drink some of the Coke before adding the nuts...)

Can't go along with your snack: you're so bravely confessional!!

cook eat FRET said...

have i told you lately that i love you?

is the mayo hellmans? god i hope so...

altadenahiker said...

I hadn't thought about peanut butter for YEARS, until this scare came along. So I'm with you. Bought a big jar. Here's how I like it: sourdough toast, thin layer of butter, thin layer of peanut butter. Butter overkill? Not for me. (Got a trader joe smooth and creamy brand)

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: You nailed it. I haven't bought peanut butter in years, and this time I'm doing in in defiant solidarity (oxymoron?).

Elizabeth: Oh, thanks. You get it. :)
I appreciate that you but your PB on toast; raw bread is too chokey-gooey. And I LOVE the lettuce idea. Mm.

Morgan: Sounds like it would taste good, but very gaggy.

Traci: Well, see. I knew some of ya would gag. Carry on!

Kevin: I like peanuts better than peanut butter. But they have to be well roasted. Can't stand boiled peanuts. :(

El: It's my one redeeming quality -- I never eat Miracle Whip.

Pea: Steady, there, girlie. You'll be just fine. Keep on keepin' on.

Kudzu: I really should have bought organic, but I wanted to give a vote, however tiny, to the beleaguered big guys.
I know about the nuts in CoCola. A brilliant burst of salty-sweet, and then free chewy dessert at the bottom. Plus, it's a contraceptive, doncha know?

ceFRET: Hellyeah it's Hellman's, but out west it's called Best Foods, 'cause it's the best.

AHiker: I totally love butter with peanut butter, and YES, it's gotta be on toast so the butter can melt.
Enjoy your big jar.

MC said...

I love crunchy peanut butter! I think it's ok and valid to worry about the food we eat but why don't people bother to research where the food is coming from instead of making the industry suffer?

I still buy peanut butter...and the publix brand too! hah!

ardie said...

haha I opened a new jar of skippy for my bagel today! From the list i saw, it was odd brands and brands that I dont have around here that were affected. so BAH to them!!

The best is the aforementioned butter (salted, so it's even more unhealthy), on both slices of fresh white bread, along with the pb. NOT toasted, so the butter adds another nice smooth layer of texture between the soft bread. ugh i'm at work and can't make one right now!!!!


cookiecrumb said...

MC: Thank you, well said.
Publix! A thoroughly decent supermarket. Better than Winn-Dixie! ;)

Ardie: I wasn't even aware some PB brands were unsafe. Still, good for you for your support.
You are brave, eating your PB on fresh (white, I assume) bread. That is just a Heimlich waiting to happen, though I suppose the butter helps. :D

Heather said...

HO-LY shit. My dad tricked me into eating a peanut butter and mayo sammich when I was a kid, but the joke's on him 'cuz I liked it.

Why do I need to tell you my captcha? Oh, I have my reasenes.

namastenancy said...

I wish I had the old Mr. Peanut piggybank that I had as a kid. In fact, I had a whole collection of them - Aunt Jemina, the Log Cabin one, and some others that I can't quite remember. I love peanut butter and celery and I make a great curry with peanut butter.

Viva the peanut! But down with the scummy owners of that factory who willingly sent out contaminated goods that have killed a number of people.

Anna Haight said...

I keep having Thai food with some peanuty sauce.. then I worry, and I don't get sick after all. It's either fine, or bad bugs cooked out.

EB said...

This sounds like truly suspect stoner snacking....

cookiecrumb said...

Heather: I know. What is it? Salty-oily plus salty-oily? We are such whores.

Nancy: Oh, yes. Let us not forget peanut butter in a celery stick. I must have been a zillion years old before I finally figured out the celery has to be really DRY before you can spread PB in the groove.

Anna: I hadn't thought of it that way, but I'm sure high heat is your friend. Be well!

EB: Yeah! And, oh boy, oh boy, you can add a slice of banana and a potato chip on top! Zoink!

namastenancy said...

Just an FYI: here's a link to a list of all the recalled products:

Mary Coleman said...

Crunchy pbar (that's what my daughter called it when she was little) with Hellmann's and crispy lettuce on honey wheat berry toast is the BOMB. You go girl. Love the pickle touch. will have to try that!!

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: Thank you! I appreciate the effort.

Mary: Doesn't everybody call it pbar? :D
I'm flattered that you like my creation, and yours, with lettuce, is indeed da bomb.