Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Supreme Course

It's citrus-trading time of year.
I recently swapped a sack of my oranges for a bag of grapefruit from Zoomie's clever foraging.
It is very good to unload fruit that burdens you, but it invariably results in a net zero. Give some, get some.
Speaking of being burdened by food, we are currently in a moratorium on food buying. We have so much summer in the freezer to work our way through. And all those dried beans. Pasta. Pickled peppers. I haven't even gotten to the dried cayenne peppers. Prunes!
Still, little bits of buying occur. A couple of avocados happened. Some iceberg lettuce. Of course, that jar of kimchi.
Well, it all added up perfectly, especially since I am now a pro at supreming citrus. I was doing it cloddishly the first time, but now it's whack and whack.
Hence, a delightful salad of grapefruit segments alternated with avocado slices, atop a bed of lettuce, and dressed with a mix of kimchi juice and other makin's.


The Italian Dish said...

I can't tell you how tough it is to read about you Californians literally picking up grapefruit off the streets! For God's sake, we have ice and snow here that is unbelievable! But I am living vicariously through you. I do love the avocado/grapefruit combination...

Marie said...

This salad sounds like a terrific and unusual salad, especially throwing kimchi juice into the mix! Grapefruit is not something I eat much, but I recently had it in a salad or something and liked the tart/sweet taste immensely. Maybe it's all in choosing the right grapefruit.

cook eat FRET said...

do you have a dehydrator? because my bottarga connection guy in florida just supremed a bunch of citrus and dehydrated it and MAN O MAN was it wonderful. like seriously. like you should do it. and then send me some. because i am not supremeing citrus. i think. ok, maybe i'll try. but it's unlikely. although stranger things have happened...

kudzu said...

Don't you love blogs? Not only do I find your cheerful winter salad recipe but I learn of someone's having a "bottarga connection". Take that, citrus foragers!

I'll bet I could count on one finger the friends/colleagues who even KNEW what bottarga was when I first had it around fifteen years ago at a Sardinian feast at Piazza d'Angelo in Mill Valley.

As the world turns.

Would love to eat your salad but grapefruit is off my allowed list for pesky medical reasons.

Zoomie said...

Love the idea of the kimchi juice for a little heat as well as the creamy-tart thing with the grapefruit and avo. Cool idea.

Paula Maack said...

This looks luscious!

I have never even attempted the act of supreming. Impressive!!

Mrs. L said...

My grandmother has been making an avocado and grapefruit salad for as long as I can remember (without the kimchi :). I always think of her when I have it.

Greg said...

Diana Ross and the Supremes. Good stuff.

cookiecrumb said...

Italian Dish: We are blessed to live in a true Mediterranean climate here. I could not live in your geography; too cold. My husband grew up in New England, but he escaped to find me and California.

Marie: The grapefruit could have been a bit riper, but in the context of a savory salad, the sweetness perks right up.

ceFRET: I DO! I have a dehydrator! Oh my, what a great idea. I will send you some, because I have a hella treeful of oranges.
Listen, watch the Ming Tsai video (link in my post) and you will GET supreming. It's a cinch.

Kudzu: It's almost a joke. Or a dream. We have friends and connections. I love this.

Zoomie: I can't throw anything away anymore; might want to use it in some other dish.
Must confess, I didn't invent the avocado/grapefruit collaboration; had it in a small Sausalito restaurant years ago.

Paula: Watch the Ming Tsai video! (Link in main post.) You'll be amazed. Easy.

Mrs. L.: Truth to power! And power to truth. I did not think this up on my own. Clever mom, yours.

Greg: You can do it. In the name of love.

namastenancy said...

Grapefruit + avocado + jicama + shrimp + red onion + cilantro, all drizzled with olive oil and lime. One of my favorite salads ever!
I had this in Trinidad/West Indies with Red Snapper as the fish and tostones on the side. Yummy delicious - thanks for bringing back good memories.

EB said...

Where are you finding decent avocados?? They've all been so mealy lately.

cook eat FRET said...

watching it now...

ok - watched it

worth a try... getting out the knife sharpener.

tell me what you thought of the dehydrated stuff. i'm telling you. it's like candy but better.

Susan said...

My mouth is watering. Ok, I'm trying to trade my eggs for some grapefruit, now to find a neighbor with some avocados

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: What a fabulous salad! I loves the shrimp, and jicama, too. Thanks.

EB: These were California avos from the farmers market in Marin. I believe they were from San Diego; pretty good.

ceFRET: Totally sharpen your knife. It's an easy task if you have a good knife.
I haven't started on the dehydrating yet, but soon I will ask you for your address. :)

Susan: Bartering economy, foodwise. How completely cool. Good luck.

limoncello said...

Wish I could participate in a citrus swap! Alas, I am but a city/apartment dweller with no produce to offer in exchange. However, I've been bringing home bags of garden oranges from a HS friend in Larkspur, and toting over batches of soup in thanks. Foggy Mouse visits Sunny Mouse (only not really).

Last Wednesday I picked up a couple of pummelos at the UN farmers' market and happened to find organic (from Mexico) avocados 5/$5 at Whole Foods. They were really nice! So after a long winter break, I dragged out my Stone House tangerine olive oil and set to making supremes of the pummelo. Much easier than with oranges or grapefruit, for some reason. And because it's less acidic (much as I love grapefruit) it was really nice in the salad. Made a dressing of the tangerine olive oil, Meyer lemon juice, lime juice, and a dab of Dijon. Tossed it with some baby spinach and placed the avo and pummelo atop, drizzling with the last of the dressing. Bright! Fresh! Clean!

cookiecrumb said...

Limoncello: Lovely, how alike our recipes are. I'm glad you've got a friend with oranges; in my neighborhood we drive by neglected, uncollected oranges just sagging from trees. Same with olives in the fall.