Friday, October 03, 2008

Can I Call Ya Stupid?

She read her cue cards. That's all she did.
She avoided answering direct questions (did you catch that acrobatic squirm-away from the bankruptcy loophole issue, which she goofed up anyway by saying she's not with McCain on it?).
She got things plain, palin wrong.
But she's pretty. Perky.
And she winked! Too many times! (Psst, Sarah: one time is too many.)
I was kinda hoping for a meltdown, I admit. A faceplant. A major Baked Alaska.
All we got was some bimbo reading from her cue cards.
You betcha.

UPDATE: Hilarious Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart.


Anonymous said... really think she was reading that off of cue cards? Can I call YOU stupid?

Jennywenny said...

Enough already. I had to keep switching it on and off to retain my sanity, I cant wait for this month to be over.

cookiecrumb said...

Anonymous: Always nice to be strafed by someone who can't use his real name.
No, not the kind of cue cards the auditorium provides. I mean she was shuffling 3x5 cards on top of her podium, looking for the best canned answer to recite.

Alecto said...

I made it an entire 13 minutes.

Anonymous said...

cookiecrumb: I apologize. I should not have called you stupid. That was rude, and unnecessary. Not in line with who I am.
I've gotten tired of the way people are treating Palin. You don't have to like her, but to call her a bimbo, that's not right or helpful. name is Jordan, and you don't say your name anywhere on your profile or this blog.

Dagny said...

I knew what you meant by cue cards as I noticed it as well. It made playing Bingo kind of difficult.

The receptionist at work just told me that after watching the debate, suddenly Dubya isn't looking that dumb after all.

keite said...

Palin lost me at "nucular" (which, coincidentally, was at about the 13 minute mark). And yeah, pretty obvious that she was reading everything. Everything except "all magazines and newspapers." I don't think she's a bimbo, though I certainly don't think she should be anywhere close to running the country. Or matches.

cookiecrumb said...

Jordan: Thanks for the apology. We're a much nicer bunch than to go slinging epithets around here. And if bimbo is a dirty word, I'm sorry. I thought it meant airhead.
You can call me cookiecrumb.

Zoomie said...

Loved the flow chart - thanks for posting!

dancingmorgan mouse said...

I didn't watch, but according to the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald this morning "Palin sticks it to sceptics". That newspaper is heading downhill in one of those handbasket contraptions.

peter said...

Dude, she WINKED at me. She loves me, and I love her. You heartless librul elitist.

The Spiteful Chef said...

Oh Jordan! Buuuuuuuurrrrn. Cookie, as a proud, card-carrying, blonde-haired bimbo myself, I give you full-on permission to use that word to describe Sarah Palin. The only difference between myself and her, aside from our understanding of the whole "dinosaurs" thing, is that I am capable of...ooooh...THOUGHT and she is not so much. I heart you, Cookie. In case I haven't told you lately.

Kevin said...

If she had winked one more time I would have crawled through the TV, ripped out her eye, and crammed it up her nose.

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, all. I'm stunned how, three days later, the fallout from her performance is generating worse and worse reviews.
So she showed up. Didn't barf or faint. Knew how to pronounce Ahmadinejad.
Other than that, it was not someone you'd want calling the shots, White House wise.
PS: Palin, you want to know what Supreme Court decision I most disagree with? The one that put W. into the White House.

Nik Snacks said...

Oh. Damn.

Michelle said...

Ha ha ha - as I read this I was just thinking, I wonder if Cookiecrumb has seen that flow chart! You're so right about the cue cards...and the winking. My favorite is Kevin's response...wish he had!!

namastenancy said...

Unfortunately, she's the poster girl for the Republican exaltation of a certain kind of style over substance. What makes me so sad and angry is how many people are buying it? The issues at stake are a lot more important than a bit of sexual frisson from the wink wink, ain't I cute routine! We are so close to the edge right now that it's the abyss that's winking back at us and it ain't a pretty sight! The other thing that irritates me is the assumption that all women will like Palin AS A POLITICIAN just because she's a women. You know, us wimyms ain't that smart and all us little wimym have the same goals, ideas, ideals and issues. RIGHT?

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: The Rovians know that the average IQ is 100, meaning that half the people out there are stupider than the stupidest person you or I know. I'm not saying she's a shoo-in, but perhaps she *does* have that sick, broad appeal to horny stupid men and stupid stupid women. Who don't have any idea what the future might hold. (Like "Let's vote for Jesse Ventura/Arnold Schwarzenegger, he kicks ass! Awesome politics.")
Great, chilling Frank Rich piece in today's NYT; READ IT.

We Are Never Full said...

don't you just feel like every Rachael Ray lover just loves Sarah Palin? sorry if you like Ray-Ray, but i totally see (and feel and hear) the connection!

too many winks + too many "mavericks" = too annoying!

cookiecrumb said...

WANF: She's way scarier than Ray-Ray. Now she's whipping up the crowds into assassination mode. Read Daily Kos for some examples.
We thought W was just some bumbler when he first took office, only to find out he was the Devil.
Sarah's not even in office, and she's already brandishing her horns.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, she's the poster girl for the Republican exaltation of a certain kind of style over substance."

Oh, hey, I thought you were talking about Obama there for a minute.