Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This is Pear Salad #1.
I expect there will be lots of pear salads, along with all the pear soups, this summer.
And I'm already planning on making pear gelées. (Oh, how pretentious. I mean "pear gum drops." More on that later.)
Funny, though. We had decided to put together a tomato salad for lunch, and I suggested to Cranky that we use up some of our homemade bread, and call it a panzanella.
Fine, he said.
Then I tiptoed into the kitchen and introduced some surreptitious pear cubes into the salad. I felt a little like Jerry Seinfeld's wife, sneaking spinach into the brownies. How scurrilous.
And yet! Dang.
The pears really belong in this salad. A teensy touch of sweet, a little nectar.


cook eat FRET said...

i love this
i will never get peared out
keep it coming

Anna Haight said...

I think I'm going to have to buy some pears pretty soon after drooling after yours these days.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I think pears are an under appreciated fruit. Good for you for highlighting them so deliciously.

el said...

I saw some pears at the farmstand yesterday and I thought of you. Not enough to buy any, though! And all your cute dishes. This looks just great. (I am in the same situation with zucchini lately: it is landing in everything we eat. Zucchini slaw, anyone?)

Zoomie said...

Your leaf dish "floating" on the ripples of the plate underneath - just too cool! Very Zen.

namastenancy said...

Pears paired with blue cheese or gorgonzola (if you have the bucks), lettuce (various kinds), walnuts, good oil and vinegar dressing = salad heaven.

cookiecrumb said...

c e f: Last year it was all pear butter and pear chutney. We finally figured out that eating them fresh was the best way. :)

Anna: We'll have to arrange a pear drop!

Susan: I myself would never have claimed to be a pear lover, but I am now. xx

El: I made zucchini slaw! I thought I was so clever. But I didn't really like it. :P

Zoomie: I knew you'd appreciate the "pupu-ness" of that plate.

NamasteNancy: I am so there! That will be the next salad.

Zoomie said...

El's zucchini slaw comment made me think of pear slaw - wow, how would you dress that? Balsamic vinaigrette? And would you add cabbage for crunch? Could be great! Where's Peter when you need him? He'd know...

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Oh, you've just opened my eyes. Are you familiar with green papaya salad (Burmese)? Well, I could grate slightly unripe pears. Oh joy. Dried shrimp, tea leaves, peanuts, lime... See where I'm going?
Take that, Peter. :)