Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lady Cookiecrumb's Lover

We had a couple of rabbit sausages in the freezer. Needed to eat them. Last time, they struck us as cookie-sweet, imbued with baking spices; over-imbued, actually.
Cranky thought they'd make a tasty, savory clafoutis (now that we are experts in this technique). Make the clafoutis batter without sugar, then, instead of fruit, stud the batter with gently sauteed coins of bunny bologna (heh), onion, shiitake mushrooms, herbs... AND prunes. I mean, after all, fruit is what inspired the first clafoutis.
Cranky brilliantly chopped the prunes (homegrown) off the pits, and then marinated them in manly whisky. Dang. It was buck.
So this all comes together, and the house smells like Mellors has been hunting and cooking.
The food was delicious, and I swear, I'd serve it in a restaurant. But I'm just wondering, do other people like eating sweetish, gamey "cake" for an entree?
Totally butch, if you ask me.


dancingmorganmouse said...

You know you've made an uber-posh toad-in-the-hole don't you?
I'm now wondering where on earth (or Lilyfield actually) I'm going to find bunny snags!

Katie said...

How creative! I've never heard of a semi-savory clafoutis before.

I love your blog!

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

rabbits and prunes. Well, they are vegetarians, sooo...OK. I buy it.

kudzu said...

Dear Lady Chat -- you have quite outdone yourself with this one. I love it that you disapproved of the spices but added prunes, the perfect grace note with bunny. This one is brilliant. (Excuse me while I go and fan myself.)

el said...

Wow, whiskey in the prunes. THAT sounds like it'd drive anyone over the edge. But what a weird coincidence: I made savory bread pudding with some (humble) pork sausage yesterday. Highly edible, but I think yours sounds much better.

And look at that casserole dish. If nothing else all this baking is getting our pans out of the cabinets!

katiez said...

Bunny bologna... I like it. I see no reason why a clafoutis can't be savory... It's almost a Yorkshire Pud, after all!
Now I have to give serious thought to the chocolate and zucchini....
Real serious....
Dark chocolate, right? (milk just wouldn't seem right)

cookiecrumb said...

Morgan: The only toad-in-a-hole I have eaten comes from this ridiculously Californian event, the Renaissance Faire, where it's more like a boudin blanc inside a croissant, and what's not to like?? :)
("Snags"!! My new word, thank you.)

Katie: We were aiming for savory, but at the last minute, the prunes just made sense.
Thanks for the compliment. xx

Nikki: I know you'd like this.

Kudzu: A compliment like that from you is akin to a wet kiss from D.H.L. himself, shiver. Thankee.
All credit goes to Cranky for the whiskey prunes. His idea. (Stand back; I'm keepin' him.)

El: I am simply in love with savory bread pudding, so this seemed like a logical reinterpretation. First time we've ever used sausage in it, though. (Wavelength!!!)
That horrid blue casserole came to me free, as a promotion for something utterly inedible when I worked at a newspaper. So funny to look at, I had to keep it.

KatieZ: You might want to take baby steps with the chocolate and zucchini. Remember, nibs are just nuts. Not sweetened.
(I miss you! I will drop by your place.)

Zoomie said...

Is that _blue_ Pyrex ware??? I love this savory clafoutis idea - must try with bacon. I happen to have some left over from breakfast! And I have some lovely nectarines...

cookiecrumb said...

Aw, geez, Zoomie: Bacon and nectarines. Swoon.
(Yeah, it's blue. Strange, yes?)

Sam said...

Aaah - you've reinvented Toad in the Hole, one of my favourite Brit dishes of all time.

And funny you are talking about Lady Ch the same weekend as my mum is.

Maybe someone could write The O's Dilema in the style of DHLawrence for us?

Heather said...

This perked me right up. I once had some rabbit pate that cloyed for all the port in it, but I usually love a little dried fruit with my meat. This really is a keeper! (I'm mentally fast-forwarding to Autumn and chanterelles with this.)

Zoomie said...

I've never seen blue Pyrex before - most unusual! But, what the heck, looks like it bakes just fine!

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Yikes! I had no idea. I'm gobsmacked (and a bit chuffed). Add this to my growing list of Brit foods I adore.
As for your mum and me -- couple o' horny old ladies, eh?

Heather: I'm way past flattered. Jeez. Let me know what you come up with.
(And you Portlanders with your chanterelles. What, does the city go around in vans, leaving little sacks of 'em on all your porches every fall?)

Zoomie: It's Pyrex all right, and ugly as sin. But it works.

cook eat FRET said...

(hands waving wildly in the air)