Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

I won't be having to buy onions any time soon in the future.
I'm independent from onion-buying!
Hey. Ooh. Fireworks.
Garden 'splosion.


Anna Banana said...

Please post tips for growing such amazing onions! My are so puny.

Anita said...

can we make chutney, your onions and my plums? We have 20# pounds from the tree in the last 48 hours. Eeee!

dancingmorganmouse said...

are you going to make onion jam?

Chilebrown said...

When the Ordinace stops and we get a little wink eye, we are going to check out the new Boccalones at the Plaza. You game? We are going to drive by the Reverends house and try to raise his holy ness up to check out the good stuff.

kudzu said...

Your photo made me flash on you as Scarlett, raising a dirty onion in your hand, swearing to God that you'll never go hungry again.

Hurrah for independence!!

Heather said...

Ooh, onions. I only have scallions this year, but am thinking about getting some going for spring. Onions are one thing that if I don't have them, I feel like I can't cook.

ChrisB said...

I've no room to grow onions but my tubs of potatoes are looking good and embee is hopeful we will get a reasonable crop!

cookiecrumb said...

Anna Banana: It's completely pot-luck, as far as I know. The photo is of the really plump ones; we had lots of puny ones too.

Anita: Oh, gah, I don't need any more chutney (pears chez moi, remember?). I will save you some onions, though. But think -- Chutney; Cameron doesn't wuntney.\
PS: Your tree is on fire! Lemme know if you want pears.

Morgan: I am TOTALLY making onion jam! My first priority. xoxo

ChileBrown: Shoot! We were *thisclose* to coming to the market this morning for exactly THAT REASON. D'oh.

Kudzu: How did you know I'm wearing drapes?

Heather: Onions are easy; just ignore them and they happen. Also, beautiful flowering tops late in the season, and the honeybees love them.
I'm just sorry I didn't plant garlic.

cookiecrumb said...

Chris: You snuck in a comment while I was replying to the others!! Cute.
Did you know I'm doing potatoes too? I have no idea what's going on down there in the earth, but I'm hopeful, like your embee. xx