Monday, June 09, 2008

Do You Have Square Plates?

This isn't a square plate; it's just a little appetizer-sized dish. I have six of them, half black and half white.
I also have two smallish, salad-sized black dishes, square with slightly rounded corners.
So, no. I don't have square plates. Per se.
Of course, you've noticed how trendy they are.
But, I bought my two salad plates at Target, and you know the fashionability mantra about that store: "If you can get it at Target, it's already out."
I got the six little square dishes at what used to be called Cost Plus (it's now World Market). El cheapo. El super-common.
A few months ago, I had a mediocre meal at a mediocre Thai restaurant that was doing its darnedest to be stylin'. Square plates! Still, crappy food. Plus, the plates obviously came from the restaurant-supply catalog, and how cool is that? Not very.
All told, square plates are modern. Fun. Different!
I wondered if I'm supposed to go out and buy a set of square dishes, just to keep up.
Then I remembered the beautiful blog of a salty pal who persistently plates up her stunning meals on round Provençal-golden dishes; she's way too cool to fall for the trendy allure of 90° presentation!
Oops. But. She has square plates too, it turns out. I saw 'em.
They looked good.


Monkey Wrangler said...

I'd love to have some square plates!

But only if the set comes with square mugs, because those are so cool watching folks try to drink out of.

And don't even mention the bowls.......slurping your soup has new meaning applied here.

But I still want them, cool or not.

Zoomie said...

I have square plate envy. No square or even squarish plates here. You're right, they are trendy and cool.

Greg said...

I have a square head. Why do I need square plates? ;)

Catherine said...

I do, but mine don't have the lip. I have many, in fact. Got several at cost plus, a few at Crate & Barrell. Now I just need somewhere to put all those plates so I can find them!

kudzu said...

We all know that what is more important is what you eat from those plates, not what shape they are. My daddy's highest compliment about something was, "That's so good I could eat if off a wood chip."

That said -- yes, sometimes I'm tempted but I love my old family stuff and things I bought when I traveled, and, and, and.

I first saw them often in restaurants ten years ago. Do we think they're almost o-u-t?

Anonymous said...

Square plates are sooo 5 years ago. hehe. But i like them. Okay, i have a bunch. Love that retro look. haha.

dancingmorganmouse said...

I just ran to the cupboard to check, nope, no square plates.

Kalyn said...

To actually eat my meals on, I have ordinary but very servicable round plates.

To take photos of food for the blog, I have quite a few different colors and sizes of square plates. No sets though; only one of each plate.

I truly hope this does not reveal anything bad about my psyche, that I have hipper plates for the blog than I do for eating on.

(Of course that's assuming that square plates truly are more hip, which seems to be still debatable.)

Ilva said...

I agree with Kudzu, I thought they were out! But apart from that, who cares about what is in or out as long as you LIKE what you have. And I like everything you have, well at least that I have seen! xx

Barbara said...

Recently I read you should visit Target on a Thursday for the bargains. Which I now do, every Thurdsday, and I head straight for the china/ glass dept. Last week I picked up some small rectangular plates for $1.86 each.

Heather said...

Okay, I bought two square plates. You caught me! But they were the cheapest white plates that place had, is all. Square schmare. And I only have two of them!

Moonbear said...

No squares, but I gots me some triangles. Very Japanesey.

cookiecrumb said...

Monkey Wrangler: Ha, square mugs. The secret is to drink from the corners.

Zoomie: Here's the philosophical zinger -- Why aren't square plates the NORM? They utilize space more efficiently.

Greg: For your square meals, you silly!

Catherine: I like your idea of random accumulation; that's my style too. (Hint: Get an outdoor plastic tool shed and keep it on your deck for the extra storage.)

Kudzu: Your daddy = cute.
I'm trying to remember when I first saw square plates. Fifth Floor, I think, and 10 years sounds about right.

Zen Chef: Yeehaw. "Retro"! You win today's prize for funny.

Morgan: Looks like you won't have to buy any now... they might be o-u-t.

Kalyn: I know about your plate collection. Very cool (but, oy -- storage problems, eh?).

Ilva: My standard, fallback plate is a heavy white dish, the kind you would find in an old-fashioned diner. But for the blog, I've even bought dollhouse dishes just for fun.

Barbara: Rectangular?? Way ahead of the curve (accidental pun there). I did not know about the Thursday deals, though!! Eee.

Heather: See, I thought you had the whole set, for that beautiful brunch. You're still cool. :D

Moonbear: Triangles? OMG, I am deeply impressed, bordering on covetous.

Zoomie said...

Interesting question... maybe because they were originally wheel-thrown on a potter's wheel, or carved from tree trunks? Guessing - I really have no idea!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I totally agree about the potter's wheel... had already thought of it, in fact. But slices of trees?? You are such an inventive anthropologist.
We eat soup out of hubcaps at our house, BTW.

cook eat FRET said...

as square as i am - no square plates

wait. one. it's crystal. a gift from my mom.

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

Mediocre Thai? Oh, I know that place. Over on Main? Yeah...

Anna Haight said...

I saw some colorful square plates at Molly Stone's in Sausalito today and remembered your post! Must be coming back in?

shelly said...

But but but... what is that yumminess which sits on that plate?

cookiecrumb said...

ceF: Ooh. Fancy, I think. But seldom used, I bet.

Nikki: Hah! Yup, that's the one. Only it's called Fourth Street here. Hee.

Anna: If they were colorful, it sounds like a whole new thing. Pretty.

Shelly: Bless you; only you asked. It's an onion gratin from Deborah Madison: slow-cooked onions, cheese, bread-crumb topping. (We have a tyrannical onion crop out in the yard these days which needs much "using.")

The Spiteful Chef said...

I have square SERVING plates, but desperately want square plates. The thing is, kitchen gadgets have started squatting in all my available cabinets, so I'll have to give them a 30 day notice if I want to replace them with square plates. Sad life, I live.

cookiecrumb said...

S Chef: Storage problems... That's a whole 'nother story! Poor you, right? ;)