Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hell Eve

This is yesterday evening's sunset.
Considering that the weather forecasters were predicting the Hottest Day Ever for today, I thought I'd grab a picture of the Beginning of the End.
Except End Times didn't come. Sure, it's hot outside now (mid-90s, and that's warm for May), but it's manageable. We even had lunch outdoors, on the patio under the shade of the canopy (my favorite place for al fresco dining). A little breeze picks up now and then. We're hydrating with flavored waters (more on that later). The meal was light, cool and fresh.
Nothing about today seems nearly as hellish as last night's sunset.
Ooh, but last night... I think I even saw the devil last night!
Click on the pic, and look down at the lower right...
Aw. That's just a sliver of my across-the-street neighbor's TV.
Isn't it?


Zoomie said...

Utterly spooky picture, especially with the weird "devil" in the corner - or is he a peeping tom? I'm melting here at 92 degrees in the house - thinking of taking in a flick this evening just for the bliss of air conditioning!

kudzu said...

Cranky? Who's cranky? I am, for sure. I don't share your passion for the weather, have no breeze where I live, it's 91 degrees inside my house right now and I don't have anything refreshing to eat that vaguely appeals. Bleh, bleh, bleh.

My only solace is that the birds around here have a hallelujah chorus going and I just heard a probably disoriented owl from across the street.

Ice cubes. Lots of ice cubes. (Think Susan Sarandon. Think lemons.)

Dagny said...

I enjoyed the occasional hot wind that blew up the street where I work in San Francisco those few times I was outdoors today. (The office is air conditioned. And that is yet another reason to be happy about the promotion because the other one isn't.) Then I realized that I had chosen the wrong dress this morning. Yes, it is loose and sleeveless. But then the breeze hit and I felt like Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch."

Chilebrown said...

'The Beginning of the End' is scary. At 4 dollars a gallon it costs us 20 bucks to go to the Marin Market to buy a pound of Asparagus and a Cup of Joe. We have water rationing now. We were always water conservative. I guess we will now be penalized for our efforts. The price of gas will be 8 dollars/gallon and President Obama will raise our taxes.
Yes, it is 'The beginning of the end'.
On a lighter note, We have bacon & Ham. Everything is all right!!!!!!!

cook eat FRET said...

if you were larry david's wife you'd do something about the power cables...

flavored water???

Mrs. L said...

Down in San Jose it's still about 75 degrees outside and it's already after 11 PM! Not looking forward to going out of the house into the heat Friday.

Anna Haight said...

I've kept quiet and sipping copious amounts of cold peppermint tea. Luckily I get a cross breeze in the evening. That's a mighty spooky face in the corner of your photo!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: We've managed to keep the inside temp under 80. Thank goodness for shade trees along the west side!

Kudzu: I know. It can be just awful. I'm so sorry.
I LOVE your Susan Sarandon image, BTW.

Dagny: You fox. Even in the sticky heat.

Chilebrown: Well, thank goodness for bacon. It practically cooks itself!

cef: Oh... Not power cables. We prefer to think of them as musical staff lines, and the birds are the notes.

Mrs. L: I know! We had an overnight low of just 74. Jeepers. I think it's a little cooler today. Be brave.

Anna: Mm, cool peppermint tea sounds perfect.

People!! Didn't you think the devil's face looks like David Cook???

Greg said...

Red sky at night sailors delight.

Moonbear said...

Ooooo- scary picture. I think that's my son in the lower corner. How th'heck did THAT happen??