Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Disappearing Plate Trick

I should call this the "disappearing meal trick," because that's how good our Rabbit Red Beans and Rice was.
Cranky is mostly responsible for the dish, made from sauteed slices of Devil's Gulch rabbit sausage plus red beans from Full Belly Farms. There is no recipe, because he was really improvising. For instance, we had no bell peppers, but he added a small amount of green tomatoes scavenged from the freezer, toward the end of cooking. I tinkered slightly with the salt level, but I'm proudest of my addition of ground red chile powder, made from peppers I grew last summer.
Yes, my contribution to the overall project was admittedly skimpy, so Cranky won art-directing honors again. He wanted the picture shot from overhead. And he preferred the white plate, which, I warned him, would disappear.

(My version)


Anita said...

I prefer the curry-colored plate, but I like the overhead composition.

You'll have to make it again, obviously :D

cookiecrumb said...

Anita: What Cranky liked was the shadow of the rice. I like it too; probably wouldn't have been as dreamy with the orange (pumpkin/curry) plate...
But, yeah! Make it again. You up for some?

sfmike said...

I think Cranky is awesome art director and the first one is much better (sorry, cookiecrumb). Also, the food looks beyond scrumptious. And yes, I'm up for some if we ever get to the wilds of Terra Linda again.

Heather said...

Oh good lord, did you say rabbit sausage? Sausage? From a rabbit??

Beans and rice is always full of win, but sausage is really gilding the lily.

Anna Haight said...

Wow, rabbit sausage?! Looks great in either composition.

Mary Coleman said...

Groom and Cranky should get together!
This looks great. I've never had rabbit sausage..never really thought about rabbit sausage, but I expect it's pretty good!

cook eat FRET said...

your photo is better. much much better... sorry cranky.


what a wonderful dish!

peter said...

I like the disappearing plate look. It's very now.

cookiecrumb said...

Mike: He is that good. If only I could get him to do more active creation, instead of just the critiquing variety.
Yes, we'll cook for you.

Heather: I know. It was totally seasoned with baking spices, to the extent that we were afraid to add any flavors. But...
Gilding the voodoolily!

Anna: Local! So divine. (thanx)

Mary: I can imagine the groom and the crankster, duking it out. Good things might result.

ceF: Meouw! Purr, purr. Merci. (Great food, too.)

Peter: I never know when to believe you, but... I'll say "now."

noble pig said...

This looks wonderful and different! I have a feeling it was delicious too!

Moonbear said...

Congrats on your chili powder Cookiecrumb! I am NVS.
I am proud of my fava beans, however. I have enough for next fall's planting and some to share.

cookiecrumb said...

Noble Pig: It's so great cooking with somebody else's sausage -- all that seasoning is already in there!
Yes, I'd do this one again.

Moonbear: Homemade chili powder is staggeringly easy, I found out.
I have never planted beans, either from starts or bean seeds... Good for you.

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