Friday, April 18, 2008

Winter-Spring Vegetables (Salad!)

We had to pull all the old, tired cauliflower and broccoli plants out of the garden. They weren't getting any younger (rim shot, ha ha!) and they were using up valuable real estate destined for future potatoes, tomatoes and crocagatoes.
Unpristine they were not, but unlovely they were. So we just hacked off the tenderest buds and stems, and used them in an ad-hoc recipe we had already tried once before, improvising from the get-go, and improvising the second time even more.
It's a salad. I can call it a salad because it has oil and vinegar in it.
Also: The vegetables are served just warm or at room temperature, so technically it's still pretty much a salad — in other words, not hot. But the vegetables are not quite raw.
The recipe we improvised on came from the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, but it's senseless for me to even link to it.
Here's the drill: Get some oil hot in a skillet, and scorch some minced garlic along with a few whole cumin seeds.
Toss your brassicas with a little nice red-wine vinegar, a drip of sesame oil, some red pepper flakes, salt, and a tiny splish of soy sauce. Be prudent; this stuff tastes great in small amounts.
Now, dump the hot, garlicky oil over the seasoned vegetables. Toss. Serve.


Anna Haight said...

I love room temp broccoli salad, nice twist!

cook eat FRET said...

hey, y'all just throw a little hidden valley ranch on that salad! and that'll be good eatin' right there!

Chilebrown said...

We can not make the market tomorrow. We have to go to the Biggles Worm Poop and Coffee Hour, in the East Bay. I hope it happens.
Tonight we have home grown Cauliflower, Sweet Onions and Fava Bean Soup. These were all grown within a mile radius of our house. Yahoo. Whoops! I used some bacon that I drove 2,000 miles in 'Black Bart', that only gets 11 mile's to a gallon. I tried. Peace, Paul

tammy said...


cookiecrumb said...

Anna: The original recipe wasn't cooked at all, not even a tiny temperature bump... So this was nice.

ceF: Mm. Ranch...

Chilebrown: I shoulda gone over to Richmond this morning to see y'all's new market and stuff.
Your soup sounds perfect (bacon too). I have so many onions to pick and EAT.

cookiecrumb said...

Tammy: Snuck in as I was typing, wot?

Catherine said...

great idea! works whether its 60 and windy or 80 and hot - luv it!