Monday, March 17, 2008

My Feet Are Toast!

For the first time in memory, Cranky and I decided not to make a corned beef dinner to celebrate St. Pat's. Not even after the huge success of corning our own brisket last year.
We're just a little tired of meat.
Things like that happen when you dine on fresh, local rabbit for five meals in one month. When you take a casual, scenic trip with friends that just happens to end at the Fatted Calf at Oxbow's food gymnasium in Napa, because you ain't getting out of there without charcuterie. I have duck rillettes to tell you about, and of course, we always buy a little mortadella and some other dry sausage. Beef jerkey. (I skipped the quail this time.) Bacon, always bacon. Ham.
So, we were tired of meat.
I had been thinking of making an Irish Stew for supper, but I couldn't really imagine needing to go out and buy lamb.
Besides, there is so much vegetation in the garden, skidding perilously toward overripeness. Lunch would just be some broccoli soup. (Hey, it's green!)
Then I put my drinking socks on.
Cranky asked me if there was anything special I'd like to eat. I think one of my stockinged feet twitched alluringly.
"Why don't you just get takeout?" I suggested.
What he took out was some perfectly cooked, sliced corned beef, prepared at our wacky local store, surprisingly delicious, and still warm.
So, we had corned beef sandwiches today, and never even had to contemplate the 4-lb. salted beef slab in its entirety. We even saved a little corned beef to make a wee bit o' hash later.
For the socks: Thank You, Beccy!!!
(Yes, sometimes three exclamation points are required.)


cook eat FRET said...

funny, i have never been compelled to wear green or eat corned beef or drink whisky - or anything at all just because it was st. patty's day.

i am
no fun

Barbara said...

Love the socks.

Chilebrown said...

funny, i have allways been compelled to wear green or eat corned beef or drink whisky and everything else because it was st. patty's day until now. I still had corned beef. Peace,(Olde Dude)PaulaMcMadGenius!!!!!

kudzu said...

My Indian friend had corned beef today. My French friend had corned beef today. I, who can claim Irish descent on both sides of my family, have a big hunka corned beef in my fridge, ready to cook. But I am feeling peaked and so rice will be my solace tonight, maybe a bit of chicken -- but no c.b. It will, eventually get cooked and then there can be hash and reubens (yes!) and other sorts of planned for leftovers. If I had your socks I would feel less sorry for myself.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Your stockinged foot twitched alluringly... but of course it did! Classic you.


ChrisB said...

The socks are great~ now am I going to sulk because I didn't get a pair!!

Zoomie said...

Glad to hear you pulled out the CB after all to go with the rockin' socks.

Greg said...

Gotta get me some drinking socks! Like I need an excuse. My kids complained because we had beer can chicken instead of corned beef.Go figure.

cookiecrumb said...

ceF: I'm kind of that way about Easter. :D

Barbara: They're such high quality, too!

Chilebrown: How the heck did your corned beef "sausage" turn out? Wow.

Kudzu: My socks need to go on a lending tour.

Jennifer: Yeah. Alluring drinking sock twitch. Lovely.

ChrisB: You can ask your daughter for some, but she will tell you they are mere tat. Fun, though.

Zoomie: The socks have gone dark for a year.

Greg: Beer can chicken sounds plenty Irish enough for me!

Mary Coleman said...

Sounds like a perfectly divine st pat's day to me.
I've heard of turning the drinking light on but not putting the drinking socks on. Sounds like a grand idea.

dancingmorganmouse said...

We did a wee bit of drinking, Jamisons, to mark the event, but sans socks, too bloody hot for socks ;)

Kevin said...

I corned my on brisket again this year. Man! It's a totally different experience from the store-bought stuff.

Zoomie said...

Bummer! It's okay to be proudly Irish year 'round, y'know. Consider bringing them out of the dark from time to time, just to lift the spirits!

Rev. Biggles said...

Hmmm, funny. As I was leaving Monterey this last Sunday Jeffrey mentioned he was done with meat for a while. We'd done Fatted Calf morning, noon & night for a few days (he since last Thursday, me only a few).

In the back of my mind though, was the thought that if I said I was going to do a Meathenge Special, a prepared tri-tip beef roast grilled over apple wood, that maybe he'd change his mind. I offered and within maybe 1/4 of a second the answer was, "YEAH !!!".

Tired of meat. Yeah, sure.

I reminded him I was leaving in a few hours and couldn't. But the test was true and I'm not buying it. You ain't tired of meat, you're just doing it wrong.


xo, Biggles

alice b. toeclips said...

was it ordered on line, or in a store/
must know..
Ihven't ever found it in the local mexican eateries in Marin...
love yr writin'
pls chk my foodblog if you ever have thyme
will give you url when /if ya write back

cookiecrumb said...

Ms. Toeclips: You are in Marin? Then go to the farmers market at Civic Center on Thursday or Sunday and find the Prather meat booth. Ask for lard. Leaf lard. (They might have more plentiful offerings on Sundays.)
Now cough up that URL.