Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lazy-Ass Lunch

I love artichokes. I often make a whole meal out of one, dragging the dragon-scale leaves through some savory potion based on fat.
But it's never really quite enough food. There's the satisfaction of dismantling a thistle, one petal at a time, and then the euphoria of scraping away the choke and devouring the heart. But. Still hungry. And all that fat.
Dagny has been suggesting that I try dipping artichoke leaves in hummus. Yeah, yeah. Nice idea, Dags, but I'll probably never do it.
Until the other day. We had two perfect, huge artichokes from the farmers market, a sudden hunger, and a reluctance to create a zesty fat bath. Hmm. Hummus, maybe? It would add a little filling protein to our meal, and if we bought a tub of it already made, it would be simple.
We set the cold hummus out to come to room temp while the artichokes cooked.
My first bite seemed all wrong: wrong texture, wrong smell, wrong taste. Clang! It was jarring... but not bad enough to quit.
Another bite. Better. Yes, I can see where this is going.
Another bite, and then another.
This is a good thing to do. It occurred to me that artichokes and chickpeas have common Mediterranean roots, so pairing them is natural.
Next time I'm going to make my own hummus, though.


michael, claudia and sierra said...

as usual, loving the pic
can i ummm, borrow $400 to get my macro???

really - you have a great eye... very cool.

and ps - i freakin had my hard drive erased my accident. painful screaming tearful story. everything GONE. all the unposted food shots? gone.


i need some pity and i am coming to you.

Mary Coleman said...

Artichoke and hummus. A marriage made in heaven. I discovered this when I decided that I had to resist the hollandaise sauce and eat something healthy that wasn't Dijon mustard.
Loved it. Great post!!! and love the counter widget as well. kinda like the clock in the alligator that followed Cap'n Hook around in Peter Pan!

Dagny said...

The first time I sampled an artichoke, it was served with hummus. While I have now learned to enjoy one with butter, hummus will still be my first love. I can see how the taste can be rather jarring, though, if you have gotten used to other dips.

Chilebrown said...

Artichoke and home made butter might be the ticket too. The next day my butta was super sweet! I still swear by just plain old Mayonnaise.
There is an Artichoke Vendor at the Alemany Market who has the killer chokes. Ms. Goofy and I will make several trips a year just for them. He is right across the aisle from the egg vendor.

meathenge said...

Hmmm, yeah I'm not feelin' it. I don't get it.


Zoomie said...

Biggles, try them with bacon fat and I think you'll be happy. The hummus actually sounds groovy to me, even though I was raised on lemon butter. Used to wheedle the heart out of my Dad - he was a softie.

tammy said...

It might take an attitude adjustment for me, but I can see where you're going with this.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Artichokes are foods for the gods. I might have to build a shrine to them this year, and I'll be sure to place some hummus in front of it.

cookiecrumb said...

ceF: Oh, come here for comfort. We gots.

Mary Coleman: See, you already knew this!
(Oh, and you know about the crocodile! Never smile!)

Dagny: I hadn't realized that was your *first* time! Endless discovery.

Chilebrown: As I was impertinently dismissing Dagny's great idea, only to get my comeuppance, so should you give this a try. I'm still super excited about your butter.
And... I have never been to the Alemany market. Shame.

Biggles: Because it doesn't got meat juice in it. You really would like eating this.

ZoomIe: I'm with you; the refined ladies' lunch version. And now, I'm set free.

Tammy: Ditto. Same experience.

Susan: And that "golden taste." Miracle.

Greg said...

Looks like a big old sharkfin in a sea of hummus. I make my own hummus with excessive amounts of olive oil. Fatty good!

peter said...

Have you ever tried making them "alla Romana?" you do all the work up front, but the end result is one million times better.

Anonymous said...

I've never experienced this culinary delight and now I'm dying for it. The power of suggestion is always at work.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: I remember the first time I made my own hummus, around the same time I made my own "boursin." Awesome, I thought. We can cheat the man?

Peter: Again with the alla Romana. :)

Mr. or Ms. Pig: It took me many more months than it should have to try this. I hope you'll jump on it. (Next time I plan on diluting the hummus with yogurt, and maybe doing some seasoning in there.)

Katie Zeller said...

Our artichokes are just coming into season.... After we do the usual: melted butter; aioli, lemon vinaigrette, I'll try this one... By then I'll be ready to ditch the fat!

Heather said...

I follow your logic with the whole "garbanzos are artichokes' neighbs" thing. Foods from the same part of the world usually match.