Saturday, February 09, 2008

Winter's Work

Not all the leaves got raked up and tossed on the compost pile.
The ones that got left behind were pummeled by winter rains, until their guts blew out as fertilizer for the soil.
Their beautiful skeletons are all that remains.
Planting begins soon.


peter said...

In my case, ordering seeds begins soon, then comes starting them in little trays. Planting in April.
As a gift, I left lots of parsnips and burdock in the ground so as soon as it thaws I can dig them up and feel happy.

Anna Haight said...

Beautiful photo Cookicrumb!

chilebrown said...

I was looking for You and Cranky on Thursday. I bought a killer hot sauce. The Vendor said it was Carrot Peppers. It is hot but tasty. It is allmost Asparagus season. I have my Asparagus shirt on, that Chris, from Zukermans farm gave me. Dylan,Ms.Goofy,The Reverend and I went to the Fatted Calf. Did you GO?

ChrisB said...

Lovely photo CC. Embee is supposed to be in the garden weeding at this very moment and what is he doing~the Sunday crossword!

Zoomie said...

Nice photo - love the way you captured the cycle in a single image.

cook eat FRET said...

as usual - great pic. beautifully written. love your work. let's do lunch.
i'll have my people call your people...

cookiecrumb said...

Peter: What a great gift: wintered-over vegetables from your garden. Happy planting.

Anna: Thanks. I wish it was better (like "Ilva Quality") but it's as good as I can do. xoxo

Chilebrown: Cranky was at the Thursday market, though perhaps a little late. And he went this morning, with oranges for you, but you were somewhere else.
We are going to the Fatted Calf with Kudzu on Wednesday!

ChrisB: Aw, thanks. Oh, that reminds me. I have a crossword puzzle to do!

Zoomie: Very prescient. I believe I was in touch with that exact concept, but didn't quite know it.

ceF: The feeling is mutual.

Moonbear said...

C'mon Spring! My fava beans are starting to flower-- a sure sign. Maybe this year I will actually save some beans for next year, instead of eating them all immediately and then having to buy some to plant.
Speaking of fertilizer, today I pulled some weeds which grew near the chicken coop. They were so hugely successful in that location! Now they are food for the chickens. Full circle.

Rev. Biggles said...

Lordy, it's about time! They been open almost two weeks now, I been twice. But that's me, it's my nature.

Speaking of nature, what am I supposed to be planting?


cookiecrumb said...

Moonbear: Life is "rich." Your hens know it. :)

Biggles: Give me a break, we went to the Ferry Plaza market Saturday and bought pounds of cured meat. Still... We are going Wednesday.